Retreatment and recovery

retreatment – sierra de irta natural reservat – close to our community home in spain

You need a space for retreatment? You need burn-out prevention or recovery after one burn-out? You need a time-out? You want silence and spending a lot of time in the nature? You want inner freedom and return to your basic needs?

Our retreatment programm in spain is highly recommended for V.I.P.s, which are often in the public focus and whose privacy is particularly important. Our spanish destination is located in a small village in the mountains, abroad from public hotspots. Apply for your V.I.P. – package including transfer from and to Barcelona/Madrid/Valencia Airport in the form.

We offer a secure and brave refuge embedded in our community.

return to light and silence – relax and listen to the wisdom of nature

You could stay between minimum 14 and maximum 84 days in one of our home units (the places where we are living).

For retreatment we offer as add-on personal coaching (1 hour per day). We confirm only one guest in the same location at the same time.

We offer:

  • friendship
  • accomodation & food (all, vegetarian, vegan – depending on home unit)
    your contribution > 50 Euros/day (breakfast, lunch,dinner) *
  • one sleeping place (house, caravan, tend – depending on home unit and season)
  • silent and peaceful refuge (4 ha garden area)

You get optional:

  • personal coaching (mo-fr, 1 hour per day) free **

You accept:

  • our definition of your individual day sequence
  • one hour co-working in household per day
    (cleaning, cooking, seven days a week!)
  • two hours co-working in the garden per day
    (bio or dye garden, seven days per week!)
  • no personal mobile phone, no personal computer
    (internet access limited to two hours and only sundays)
  • no tabak, no alcohol (no exception!)


  • You have basic skills one of these languages: english, german, spanish (castellano)
  • You are resident in Europe or traveling with a valid visa
  • You have a valid health insurance

* We are a little community without any public funding or subvention. Also we donate most of our products.This contribution is – for sure – not to make money, it is to be able to invite you for a long and successfull and exclusive retreatment and recovery.

**  Especially informal teaching in various fields and personal coaching.

Please use this form below and apply for your residence. If we confirm your application, you get a pdf with further information (How to reach us, good to know…) by mail. When you arrive you will stay for six days, than we decide together if you could stay as long as you applied for or not. This implies a security for yourself. We will not charge you for more than the days you will spend with us.

Your MBTI you get online here.

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