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new compost management in our homeunit in Germany

It is not a big deal to report on the implementation of a compost pile. I becomes bigger if we focus the stories behind.

In our case in Germany we “share” the space with another family living on our property and over the years we collected a reallly big pile of compost. Beside of the effect, that we reused biomass for our own vegetablle garden we gave sometimes our population of chicken access to the pile. They contributed with a lot of tasty eggs and cleaned the pille from nearly all snaill eggs.

One problem of acceptance in Germany – even in little villages – is to have chicken at all. The sound of the cock, the always escaping “gang” of bantams (little chicken) and daily little troubles with animals expanding the challenge to host them beside close neighbours.

The combination of vegetable garden, chicken and compost is an advantage and we like to establish a similar circle in our spanish homeunit.

First of all we need beside our compost doctor David more people willing to move biomass to a compost pile. Second we need a group of people interested in gardening and using this bio mass. Third we need people interested in having chicken and hosting them in a common task.

first raised bed in the german garden

After mounting more than 25 raised beds in the spanish color garden we started to create a first prototype in our german home unit garden.

Corinna started to collect some old natural stones. They are part of the local history. During World War II, our village was shelled and a grenade destroyed a barn made of natural stone. The stones are scattered everywhere in our garden and therefor they are a relic of this war.

We filled the lower part of an ibc tank with this stones.

And we charged the box with soil from the garden.

Finally we used some special soil for planting vegetables.

And we planted some salads.

And we are happy about the result after 2 month…

harvesting the sweet

In 2018, 2017 and 2016 we planted more than 300 fruit trees in the spanish home unit. 20 years before we planted around 20 fruit trees on a small plot in our home unit in Germany.

Planting a tree is a magical work. It opens doors for a sweet future and connect people with their future.

It gives future generations food and shadow and wood. These trees are older than the young strong workers on the fotos. For us it is amazing to see new generations taking the fruits of these trees.

Together they harvested the fruits from a cherry tree.

And prepared a lot of jars of sweet delicious marmelade.

Like tobacco brown tells in her TED talk, creating a garden is creating a social space for happiness.

Work of art – the taste of life

In most  cases “art” is something special, extraordinary, something beyond the “normal” context. Even contemporary art focusing on high benefit is usually not part of daily life. Familiafeliz is a contemporary living community and art and culture are very important for us, like health, happiness and tasty food.

After 22 years in a pinky bathroom it was time to renovate the installation and to think about a new design.


First of all we unmounted the old installations and replaced old fittings and tubes.


A new bathtub and a new toilette was installed.


White was selected as basic new color.


Instead of a shower tray we have now a flat floor. The little carrot is a very special detail and a reminiscence to our old friend Edgar Brons, artist, graphic designer and cartoonist.


As contrast to the strong geometric wall tiles Antje and Corinna started a mosaic inspired by “water”.


The spiral was  Corinna’s favorite in the new shower.


The white wall tile pieces are combined with spanish colorful ceramic pieces from Pais Valenciano (the region of our second home unit).


Finally the mosaic was grouted with white mass.

The new bathroom is part of the old house in Windeck and a hint to the transition of this place.

Felling trees in the german home unit

Winter time in Germany is a chance to develop the garden area. Even “bigger” works are useful. After 22 years and some damage due to winter storms it was time to fell some trees.


With the help of friends and neighbors we decided tofell a large fir and two birches.


Now we have a lot of wood for winter evenings.

We want R.O.L.F.s – and how to manage?

In fact in the last year we get several requests form “older” people looking for community life and willing to join familiafeliz. Beside the great idea of having 4 generations under one roof and the advantage even for young generations to interact with older once it questions the capacities and ressources of our little community.

Stimulated by a real person we call this “group of requests” R.O.L.F. = (r)eally (o)lder (l)ovely (f)reaks.

one important question for a sustainable living community is, how we act with kids, another very importent is, how we are able to welcome older generations to partizipate in our life style and how to integrate and maintain these guys.

we started a discussion about R.O.L.F. and welcome your ideas.

In fact we see this as a challenge and advantage and not as a problem to solve. nevertheless we have no master plan for this.

Windecks new chicken runway

Jens and Corinna preparing a new way

In the home unit Windeck we have around 50 chicken. They have to pass a small – and often wed – area in winter to reach the green grass area near the bio garden.


stones and ceramic rests for foundation, in top concrete steps

Now it was time to fix that. It was not comfortable to walk in this muddy ground.


In balance, finishing a step…

Jens and Corinna used old concrete pieces to form a stable way from the poultry stable to the garden. Nice to have this activities of making the right way in both home units at the same time. In the spanish home unit it was the first step to the entrance of the sculpture garden.