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    juan petry

    Hello to all members,

    in conjunction with the transfair-tool we are now able to use a checkin-tool as well. we need to discover the real costs per person and night per unit and we need to know, how many members and guests are hosted in a unit by day.

    the new tool allows you to check in and check out in a home unit and it allows you to check in and check out guests.

    please have a look at the tool here.

    The tool based on one form and a list. We ask for the date of your check-in or check-out, the unit, the check-in-type, if you want to check in or out and a description.

    Insert the date like 2015-10-16 (yyyy-mm-dd). Select the right unit. Select the check-in-type (mostly it will be “me” = you check in or out yourself).

    Important is to insert a description. If you check in or out youself, write your name, your home unit name and the word member (like: juan cervera member). If you check in or check out a guest, write the name of the guest and the word guest (like: david guest).

    The check in type has these options. Use artist if it is a guest for the residence, use guest for private guests of yourself or guests of familiafeliz in general. Use me to check in or check out youself. Use wwoofer if you check in or out a willing worker on organic farms.

    Important: You could check in and check out yourself at any time online. If you check-in one guest or artist or wwoofer, only you will have this item on a list above the form. If you are responsible to check-in a third person (no member) you will be responsible to check out this person!


    Normaly you will use the form only a few times, whenever you leave a unit or whenever you arrive in a unit.

    If you switch from one unit to another (like from windeck to cervera by plane) you will check-out in Windeck and check-in in Cervera at the same day. You have to use the form 2 times 🙂 .

    If you check-out from Cervera and if you take a car for the trip to windeck, maybe you check-out in Cervera one day and you check-in in Windeck some days later.

    In case of Check-in, you will use the blank form. In case of a check-out you have the option to use a prepared link in the list on top. This link will set some data in the form, especially the tracking-no. This number is important to connect the data of one check-in and the check-out. It is linked by the same number in the data base.

    Please ask your questions here as a reply and use the form. Also this tool is in beta state and there is no way back, so use it carefully and ask if you are not sure.

    Best to all.

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    juan petry

    hello to all,
    as i tried today, the tool needs a complete update. the database handling has changed but i solved the problem 🙂 so i will change the code step by step. please guard the bills 🙂


    hello to all users,
    we hav updated the php code for internal pages like the trans-fair-tool and the check-in-tool. so it would be fine if you use it.
    only by using the tool we get a chance to verify the real post per person per day ratio in 2018.
    best to all

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