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    juan petry

    I know some powerful communities, based on simple and easy and a few rules like cecosesola in venezuela. They are big.

    We talked about growing and the target, that familiafeliz itself should grow to get more stable, powerful, variable and flexible.

    It was also common sense that we focus groups of 8 – 16 members in homes or other units.

    But I think also it make sense to limit the growth of the living community. For that i like to put this piece of text in the draft of the charta:

    The number of familiafeliz members is limited to 64. If the number reach 32 the community could be devided, if the number reach 65 it must be devided. Each part must have minimum 4 members. The process is called familiafeliz cell division.

    The familiafeliz cell division offer each new cell (the following generation) to change the charta. Changes have to be done in the first new plenum of the new cell.


    I believe it is useful to grow. I think it is healthy to create a familiafeliz living community like a cell. If the volume of this cell grows to much, it becomes more complicate to handle decisions and to organize units, relations, members and needs of the community. Another aspect is, that abroad of the location of each home unit we want a personal relation and knowlegde between all members.

    For that i think, we should limit the number of members to 64. It will be a big event every year to bring together 64 people. I could not imagine to invite 600 to a plenum.

    From the history familiafeliz started with 4 members. So i think this should be also the minimum number of members (for each new cell after cell division).

    The charta is a defined set of rules and not negotiable by a plenum, execpt the first plenum of a new cell. This has two reasons:

    The charta is like a DNA for the cell. If a member joins a familiafeliz cell, (s)he accept the charta. It becomes common sense and nobody need to put energy in trying to change the basic rules. The charta is like an anker for all.

    The founders of familiafeliz are not willing to limit the creation of this living community, but they like to start in a stable environment. So we implement a gateway to change the charta, the moment of the cell division.


    Are there planned any relations (besides personal and history) between the new cells after cell division?

    Or the same question in other words:
    Where is the difference between “cell division” and “a group of people leave FamiliaFeliz”?

    juan petry

    Bravo. A very good question. When i was writing this text i was thinking about that. I imagine, that it could be a difference: a cell – as a piece of cell division coming from a familiafeliz cell – and “some people leaving a cell of familiafeliz”.

    B _ C
    | __ | __\
    | __ | ___\
    D _ E ___ F

    Lets make a complex sample. A is a cell of familiafeliz. It is not important if it is the first cell or a later one. But it is a real descendant of the original cell or the original first, with charta and history. This cell get divided into two new cells B and C. So A is the first generation and B and C are the cells of the second generation. A is divided into B and C. At this time both are familiafliz cells and A doesnt exist any more.
    B lost some people (D). Cell C is divided into E and F.
    At this moment we have B and E and F.

    If there is a difference between D and E and F i could imagine that this would be important in a process of fusion. I could imagine, that all “members” of D have left the cell B as a person. In the case of E and F we have functional cells of familiafeliz.

    In this sample it would be possible that E would like to be merged with B (possible if the number of members of both cells is less than 64).

    After this post we have to think, if it makes sense, to put a piece of text in the draft, explaining cells, division and fusion of cells.

    In the sample all people of D could join the cells E and F personaly but E or F could join B as a cell. Do we want this? A question to all!


    Hey 🙂

    At first i thought that FamiliaFeliz is something like “a networking project to build a patchwork family”.
    No it looks a bit like “swarm” 😉

    Ok – i have a general problem to understand what FamiliaFeliz after cell division is or should be.

    After cell division every new cell can change the charta.
    Does that mean that they can define whatever they want (build a complete new charta for instance) or are there parts of the charta that could not be changed?

    What is or should be FamiliaFeliz after cell division:
    Two cells under the roof of FamiliaFeliz? (what is the roof if the charta can be changed?)
    Two independent stand-alone Families’? (end of FamiliaFeliz and beginning of a complete different community?)

    I think it is not problem if two cells decide to merge. (common sense)
    Also if one person going from cell B to cell E (if it is common sense of all members of cell E for sure).
    Maybe there can be a problem that one person start a “cell hopping” – but that would be not easy in cause of common sense of the target-cell.

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