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    One of the main problems in gardening in cevera is to have and save the attended water, that will be needed to get the plants through the hot and dry periods here. The idea is to install some water reservoirs, which should be placed on different points going downhill. And on the other hand to install a system that gains energy from water which is led downwards, to be able to pump water back up.

    Now we need ideas and tips to create this systeme. We will also need some material, What exactly and where can we get this? How is it coming to cevera? Maybe we can even find somone who already has the knowhow to get this project started and done?

    Let your thougths flow…

    juan petry

    we get a donation from a friend, nearly 100 meter watering hose with little ventils (drip irrigation). also i went to a fabric of garden tubes and installation systems and bought 100 meter water hose, water taps and other tools. next week we will get 2 ibc tanks (each 1000 liter) and yesterday i get a donation from a shop, an old fiberglass water tank (300-400 l). yesterday we prepared the first 7 lines of the watering hose in some beds. we will connect the ibc tanks and the water hoses before i go to germany.

    anyway, what we need: tubes, filter systems, tanks (ibc), an old trailer able to carry 1000 kg (= 1000 l) and copper pipe (to add the solar water heater system to this infrastructure.

    a friend and neighbour gave me this link: . we should look for some solutions to store energy in lifting water. we have to talk with jens in windeck about this. we have to decide if 12 v, 24 v or 48 v systems are better for us.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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