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    luke austerlitz


    In Occitanie, France we had big floods in early November and it seems that across the Pyrenees it was the same. While France does not really need more water, southern Spain does.

    Why do you young people travel around Europe and waste your time? Is it a waste or are you gaining something? Are you being productive and useful members of society or only to yourselves? Most of the time, the Spanish view us like a flock of strange and colorful migrating northern birds, flying in, eating the local food (like mushrooms), and then flying away again, and usually south where the climate is warmer.

    Why do you do it? Why inflict suffering upon your children like this? Do you really think a five year old enjoys this nomadic, wandering aimlessly and uncomfortable existence? Do you think that countries like Spain and Portugal are your personal playground and that local people appreciate you and welcome you with open arms? Were the recent floods and heavy rains, an adventure and “funny” for you? People are suffering every day – life for them is not so funny – where they can just jump into a van and go to another village in another country and think how funny life is.

    Ummmh, I have to wonder sometimes what it’s all about? Ask yourselves these questions in moments of reflection. Who am I and what am I doing here in this Italian, Greek, Portuguese or Spanish village?

    Are you trying to make up for the devastation and crimes your grandfathers committed?

    Such things have to be spoken about and discussed openly and honestly for the sake of one’s integrity and probity.

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