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    juan petry

    Here are some fotos of the brand new members of familiafeliz. we proudly announce the first kids at the chicken farm.

    chickenfarmde2015-01first 9 kids at the chicken farm in may 2015

    chickenfarmde2015-02 quails eggs

    curious_quails the beautiful quails

    happy_freerange_chicken the free and open space


    🙂 sweet 🙂
    Seeing these pictures encourage me to become a vegetarian…

    Antje Schultz

    Yes, they are sweet – a few more pictures can be seen on the unit page

    @ Norbert: For me there is no relation between these pictures and being/becoming vegetarian – or, maybe there is one, but it is quite different from yours ;=) If I was a vegetarian, I would probably not have started the chicken unit. For me, this is a natural circle: we have chicken and eggs and are happy to have breeding hens and chicks – but it is clear for me that after the chicken had a hopefully good and – as far as I can see – happy life, there is an end to it. Slaughter of the chicken (before they are too old, ill or suffering or if there are too many) and eating them is part of that circle.
    I imagine, if I was a vegetarian for “political or “ethic” reasons, I would even think about changing to be non-vegetarian if all animals were kept like ours. Indeed, we already had the reaction of a vegan, who decided to taste our eggs – and she really liked them and decided to eat one once in a while :=)


    Hello Antje 🙂

    it was a bit a joke from me – but also a bit not…
    You see i am inconsistent at this point 😉 – let me try to explain:
    I am sure that the chickens in the chicken farm will have a good live – and i agree to that what you call natural circle.

    I have no political or ethic problems to provide animal breeding (Tierzucht) and use the products to eat – including meat. As long as the animal breeding is species-appropriate so the animals “are lucky”.
    But for healthiness reasons i should not eat animal fat too much (not only meat – also eggs, cheese, milk and so on) – so if i ever will become a vegetarian (the chance to that is nearly zero – i like to eat meat and especially cheese) it would be just for healthiness reasons and nothing else.

    Seeing this photo of the cute little chickenbabys only tickle my protective instinct – but if they are old enough i can eat them too 😉


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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