familiafeliz resources
familiafeliz resources

Familiafeliz – as an alternative livining community – is not an entity like an assosiation or NGO. Familiafeliz also is no company or business cooperation. Nevertheless we establish and accumulate in our projects some ressources and we publish some of them online.

In 2014 we started to plant fruit trees. The main goals of this project are: exploring resistent variations of fruit trees, establishing a database with useful information for others to select sustainable types and variations of fruit trees for themselves – depending of their similar climate regions. One main objectiv of the fruit tree project is also the exploration of trees which are growing well under limited water conditions and as reforestation for highly treated industrial agricultural plots.

We also like to establish a resourt for old local variations like Madrono (eng|esp) or Jinjol (eng|esp). Every year we copy and donate many fruit trees to friends to secure accessibility to these old variations.

List of fruit trees – list fruit trees