Happy eastern 2017 – colors in the garden

frau u.nikate – martina unterharnscheid in the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON in spring 2017

Martina Unterharnscheid was in eastern 2017 a guest in the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON and did some “ecoprints” with fig and olive leafs of the color garden.


ecoprints with color garden plants – artist residence CASAdelDRAGON in spring 2017

The famos german artist and art promotor in the EIFEL – region in germany was working a second time in the residence. As part of her investigation she collected different wood, plants leafs and other organic material. As part of the UNIIE activities she will offer workshops and classes in the future.

More information about the artist here.

Grass cutting and sun protection

harvesting grass for sun protection – the recycled lawn mower

The lwan mower is used to cut and harvest the grass of all little ways between the beds. We use this local gift as a sun protection on top of the soil of the beds.

sun protection and harvesting water in the morning (dew)

As a sample of our research and investigation we will dicover the relation between grass and bed area.

relation between beds and ways between them – 50 / 50

In the first weeks of 2017 we cutted the grass every 3-4 weeks, and we used nearly the same surface for harvesting grass and the surface of beds we protected.

We assume that the wild plants growing in the grass are better able to isolate the nutrients of the soil, and that by returning these parts into the bed – as a sun protection – and later compost – we can also provide some of these nutrients to our crops.

Thanks to thinkfirst for the donation of the second hand lawn mower!

growing infrastructures

rebuilding stone walls in 2017

We continued the work in developing the infrastructure in the color garden in early spring 2017. One of the tasks was to rebuild broken stone walls of the beds and add some watering tubes.


beds in the right part of the leaf (behind) and the empty space in front

As part of the desgin we started with creating beds on the left side of the “leaf” (here in front).


new beds on the left part of the garden leaf

We used soil from the irrigation ditch (span. acequia). And we used local cane (span. caña) to support beans and tomatoes.


using carbon, no digging needed

Using carton to hold down wild plants. We can start the beds without the digging of the earth before.


actual situation in the bio garden (as part of the color garden)

The left part of the leaf is nearly complete (3rd year of working in the garden area).


Aquaponics – transport of donated tools and material

IBCs for transport and usage as water storage

In Germany we get a lot of IBCs – as a donation – and in Spain we could use them to guard water for the aquaponics project. In fact we opened the IBCs and used the space for tools and materials, collected in Germany for the projects in Spain.

trailer and car full of material for aquaponics

The old KIA car – also a donation of a famous artist and friend Hasan Deveci – is charged with a lot of material for the next trip to Spain…

Thank you! – The sponsor behind!

one of our “hidden” sponsors – event-light.de

Such a large project like our color garden is not able to move with a lot of people who help. Joachim is one of our old friends and with his company EVENT-LIGHT one also one of the sponsors.

He donated installation material (water, plumbing) and wood. We where happy to move this donation in winter 2017 to the plot in spain. It will enable us to continue the construction work of the open kitchen as well as a little shelter for chicken.

We want to say thank you – in public – to people like Joachim. Whithout this private social Entrepreneurship we could not succeed.

Happy new year in spain 2017

beds in winter 2016/17 – morning view in the garden

After new year we started again in the color garden of the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON. A first close look gave us an overview on tasks for the next weeks.

cane construction broken – well protected col bed

The cane construction – left foto – was damaged by wind and rain in the winter. The relation between expense and ROI (return of investment) was not so good. We unmounted the construction of cañas and repaired the bed.

Some col we found in very good condition. The cover with straw worked very well.


winter salat and col planted in november 2016

Also winter salat, planted in november 2016 (!) was growing strong and good. The little stone walls kept the soil in a good way and protected the plants.


a lot of salat – rucola – as a donation from the nature

The nature donated us for over 3 month (!) eruca satvia growing between the olive and almond trees.