ADA – first beehives in a friends plot in Sant Mateo

In summer 2017 the artist Juan Petry started to mount first bee hives in plots of friends in the region of MAESTRAZGO. The bee hives are part of a large social sculpture project for the next years.

Main target is to give bees a refugium without any chemical or economical treatment, a “social space for bees”.

If we follow the economical thinking, we will not arrive in a “better” world, better for bees is not better for shareholders. At the end every system could be optimized only in one direction. Therefor its time to create a bee project far from business and economical benefit.

ADA – abejas de amor – is a social sculpture, and everybody is invited to join this project. It is part of the activities of the living community FamiliaFeliz in Spain.

More about the working unit ADA |

cleaning beds in spring 2017

Clara and Marianna in the color garden

Around eastern in 2017 we had guests from Spain, Columbia and Germany. Marianna, a strong young helper assists Clara to clean one of the beds in te color garden.

Olga from Columbia in the color garden

Her mother Olga from Columbia is working in another bed.

Young fruit trees with flowers

First flowers on young fruit trees in the color garden promissed something to harvest.

Harvesting potatos and salad

Some potatos and salads for the next lunch. The maintainance to keep the garden running is more and more important. On more than 2000 square meter the large bio garden is part of the social activities of your community.

Most of the guests enjoying the handcraft work in the bio garden, as well as later cooking with the fruits, salads and vegetables.

Working in the nature, outside and relaxed, reduce mental stress. If you want to join us for a time, apply here as avolunteer.

trencadis in the sculpture garden

Silvia and her trncadis work in the color garden


Silvia from Biel (Swiss) was starting in late spring 2017 with mosaics on the first steps into the sculpture garden area. We decided that she placed in a “dialoge” with further guests only a part of each step with ceramic pieces.

If you like to partizipate in some of our workshops, apply for further information here.

Happy eastern 2017 – colors in the garden

frau u.nikate – martina unterharnscheid in the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON in spring 2017

Martina Unterharnscheid was in eastern 2017 a guest in the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON and did some “ecoprints” with fig and olive leafs of the color garden.


ecoprints with color garden plants – artist residence CASAdelDRAGON in spring 2017

The famos german artist and art promotor in the EIFEL – region in germany was working a second time in the residence. As part of her investigation she collected different wood, plants leafs and other organic material. As part of the UNIIE activities she will offer workshops and classes in the future.

More information about the artist here.

Grass cutting and sun protection

harvesting grass for sun protection – the recycled lawn mower

The lwan mower is used to cut and harvest the grass of all little ways between the beds. We use this local gift as a sun protection on top of the soil of the beds.

sun protection and harvesting water in the morning (dew)

As a sample of our research and investigation we will dicover the relation between grass and bed area.

relation between beds and ways between them – 50 / 50

In the first weeks of 2017 we cutted the grass every 3-4 weeks, and we used nearly the same surface for harvesting grass and the surface of beds we protected.

We assume that the wild plants growing in the grass are better able to isolate the nutrients of the soil, and that by returning these parts into the bed – as a sun protection – and later compost – we can also provide some of these nutrients to our crops.

Thanks to thinkfirst for the donation of the second hand lawn mower!