Familiafeliz Info Day 2018-10-06

FamiliaFeliz Info(rmation Day) 2018 – 10 – 06 from 10 am to 10 pm – Cervera del Maestre – Castellon – Spain

We come together with members, helpers and friends of our community to talk about further steps to develop our living community. We will show you our projects, resources, partners and opportunities and we are interested in your dreams, ideas and projects.

We will enjoy this day with delicious food and a lot of fun.

We have a lot of space for cars, caravans and  vans and mobile homes and we have some caravans on our colorgarden plot and limited places in the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON in the village nearby. Accommodation is free.

You could apply here for staying up to 3 nights for a short visit around this Info Day or apply here as a volunter for a longer visit.

the ray of hope 2018 – lightsculptures and sound

Friday night we invited friends to see some lightful objects in the art camp in the colorgarden of CASAdelDRAGON. We started at 22.30 hrs in the lower part of the plot. Following the sign ARTCAMP. we created some amazing light sculptures like this…

We will continue this work with joy and entusiasm. Thanks to all the friends for helping us!

harvesting carob – the first 1000 kilogram

We are happy to announce the first 1000 kilogram of harvested carob. It is a little step in relation to billions of tons of anual production but it was a big step for us as a little community without tractor or other powerful tools.

We get carob in “Bio” quality without any chemical treatments of trees, soil or fruits. Every piece is handpicked and selected.

We brought all carob to the local cooperative and we are curious about the final price. Yes you read correct, we delivered the fruits without knowing a final price to the cooperatve. We do this also as a scout for a lot of little part-time and foreign farmers in the local area to get more experience in handling goods in local markets.

public domain money – alternativ economy in the cloud

version 1.1

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Based on a thread in the FB Group “The Alternativ Living Group” and its spin-off “A new beginning” we like to publish our ideas about a self organized flat hierarchy full transparent fund with public access.

We will name it PDM (public domain money) to make it short in this post but we do not stick on that name, lets take it as a working title*.


We want a 100% transparent self organized zero hierarchy solution to empower people to make investments in land and tools to develop and alternative sustainable common future.

We have no economic interest. No fees, no complicate conditions, easy to join (and leave) and without any risk for participants.

We will form a core group to develop PDM and this article is one of many inputs and momentums to start this team work.

Familiafeliz will donate some resources to this core group (space, technology, know-how, time) without any commercial interest.

In every country we have to respect the law and society conditions. “To lend money” in classical bank systems ends up in FIAT-money and a repitition of economicas crises and desasters. Also in every country an economical entity is created automatically if people come together to develop any kind of business. In tax driven societies this activity ends up in complex business models, hierarchy structures and finally it routes money and power from a big group of participiants to a smal group of an elite. To reject any economical interest and “to donate to a cloud” under the ambrella of an international social plastic PDM becomes a sustainable non-commercial and legal entity.

The target for the core group is to develop this PDM entity, in respect to law, resources and goal of the main idea. The target for the group of members will be later to use the entity to empower the participiants and to lend money.

One general remarkable condition should be this: whenever a classical group of people decide to come together to do something, it creates rules and laws and controling systems to reject mismanagement and crime. To maintain this controlling systems (named as police and justice) they pay a high price and this reduce the output. We have very clever samples of self-organized groups (like Cecosesola in Venecuela) which reject every rule which need to be monitored and supported by specialists. This means, we will implement only a structure which is so designed, that we do not need any form of control or judging about the behaiviour of its participiants.

A loan will be given to a person or group. Its given as a donation without expectation (this will help do avoid taxes and hierarchies). In most of the countries even donating money is connected to taxes (in Germany you have to pay taxes if you get a donation higher than 5000 Euro per year from one person!).

Imagine there is a group of 10.000 people who donate every month 1 euro. Then they invite possible founders to present their projects, business plans, risks and ROIs. They decide to route the money to some projects and every “investor” is able to “vote” for his favorite projects (like crowdfunding).

Projects with most votes get the loan and according to their business plans and ROIs they pay back.

Important to point out whats the difference to a crowdfunding platform and a bank or any other classical economical instrument:

  1. Its not a crowdfunding platform because the money returns in the hand of the investor.
  2. Its not a bank because there are no fees and no commercial interest.

So the most important thing in this project is, if a participiant gives money to the project, (s)he never loose the power to decide what happened to the money (equal if (s)he pay one time a life 100.000 Euro or every month 1 Euro (or pound, sorry, the currency doenst matter in this sample!!). In every round of voting everybody could vote again and again.

One important aspect: it will be an illusion to design and create a PDM which is so perfect that nobody could compromise it. The question is, if the design is so clever that any crime act against it will end up only by identifiing and excluding the agressor.

Status of this post in relation to the discussion (today 2018-09-10 4.30 p.m):

This is not an official set of rules, neither an official post of a group, not verified or proofed by the facebook group members or core team members. It is only an piece of ideas, published on an official website and describes the direction of familiafeliz and its members to join the process of creating PDM and a sustanaible solution for anybody to develop peace and freedom.

In the best case it is one of many thoughts about it and hopefully useful to succeed.

Possible resources FamiliaFeliz could offer:

living space, workspace, webspace, know-how and time

If you read this and you like it share this post and route people to the FB groups and / or try to join the core team and offer your skills and ideas to all of us. If you like the idea to use our forum you could apply for an account to use this open infrastructure by sending a short mail to our helpdesk ( welcome / at / familiafeliz . eu).

Lets continue the discussion in the FB group “A new beginning“. We will add here a new destination if the core group had decide to use another location to continue dialogue.


* To all natives, sorry for my poor english i did my best to use your language…

donation without expectation – re-use of resources

In July 2018 we moved some electronic components from Spain to Romania. Computers, routers, digital cams and other little devices we collected from friends in Germany and Spain. The idea was to re-use the things in education of the ApEAL summer school and other activities of this NGO in Bucharest.

First of all we like to say “thank you” to the donators, like Kim and Martina and Heide. Also we are happy for support by moving the box (Jens) and picking it up in Bucharest train station (Casa Mica staff manager).

We hope that this tools are useful for further projects in the little villages around Ciocanesti (31 km from Bucharest and the hotspot of the yearly summer school.

On one side we think the world is already full of devices and e have to think carefully if another usage in education really makes sense. In case of the ApEAL projects we think yes. Some of the children there have no daily access to Internet and IT – based education. For some of them the summer school is a nice chance to practice their english.

To work time by time with electronic parts like computers motivates also to get deeper in understanding english and electronic stuff. Some of the kids startet to develop the website of the NGO ApEAL.

Therefor the message of the right foto is a motivation for all of us. We will continue to figure out projects with this private engagement to empower children in Romania.

Carob – the medieval oil – harvesting the superfood

In August 2018 we started to harvest the carob in the central plot of our color garden. We collected between 4 and more than 100 kg per tree. In a line with almonds and olive the carob is the first bigger challenge of harvesting food in the season.

Our color garden is part of Baix Maestrat, an old region of ancient agriculture. An old neighbour Filipe told us, the Carob was the Oil of the anchient times. The region of Valencia, especially around Cervera del Maestre has one of the highest concentrations of cabrob trees in the world. Even Cervera was in the past a rich village because of its amount of carob trees.

Most transport was done by dunkey and horse and therefor this superfood was the oil for the “engine” of this logistics.

We will deliver most of the fruits to the local cooperative in Cervera del Maestre. But we will use this superfood also to “crowdfund” some money for further investments in our social art projects.

If you are interested in handpicked tasty and natural carobs, please write is an email and we send you some infos how and when and where you could get some. You could use also the application form below.

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water – liquid of life

After 4 years running the garden we had a first broken pipe and lost 1000 liter of water in one night. Comparing to the average of water usage for Europeans it was not a lot. For us – moving the spring water with IBC tanks and trailers from 15 km distance – it is a lot of water.

Especially the young fruit trees need it. Water is the liquid of life and it was highly recommended to aff some watering pipes to the infrastructure for the trees.

In all August 2018 we where working om this project. The system – called “gota-gota” – will give us the advantage on bringing water to each tree in the colorgarden. It little valves can be adjusted in giving a few drops per minute.

By opening on water tap we can route water to more than 100 trees now.

portulaca – return of the hero

Portulaca (portulaca oleracea) is an amazing hero and part of a group of plants which had developed a special strategy to adept to very sunny, hot and dry areas. With up to 200.000 seeds per plant and a robust constitution its seeds can travel in salt water and 60% even germinate after 20 years.

Ancient farmer used portulaca as a ground plant under olive trees and as a tasty vegetable and salat in the cuisine.

In the dry and very sunny areas of our color garden we are happy to welcome the return of this pioneer plant. It returns after several years without any chemical intervention in our soil and it will redesign the shape of our vegetable garden a lot.

The special advantage of this plant is its metabolism. Portulaca is able to process carbondioxid in the night and store it in its cells (CAM). It could close its leave traps over the day with the advantage of not loosing so much water (the price of other plants which need to open the traps to get carbon oxid to develop their growth.

The return of this hero will give us many advantages. First of all we will harvest one of the highest vitamin A carrier and use it in the cusine as salad and vegetable (acid if you harvest in the morning, more sweet and smart if you harvest end of the day).

Second we have a pioneer plant able to bring shadow to the ground and especially around trees it hold the water in the soil.

Third it expand the possibility to catch the morning dew through its great amount of surcafe.

Portulaca is also an interesting medicinal plant and delivers Vitamin B1,B2,B3,B6 and B9, C and E.

Come for a visit and enjoy the taste of this super hero.

Links to Wikipedia : esp | ger | eng

UNIIE workshop cutting trees with Corinna

Schnittkurs zur Jungbaumerziehung

Behandelt werden alle Fragen des richtigen Schnitts für Bäume zwischen 1-7 Jahren. Der Kurs findet statt am Samstag, 25.08.2018 im Color Garden der CASAdelDRAGON.
Beginn ist 17:00 Uhr, Dauer etwa 2 Stunden
Teilnahmegebühr 10 Euro pro Person


Cutting course for young tree education

All issues of the correct cut for trees between 1-7 years are treated
The course takes place on Saturday, 25.08.2018 in the Color Garden of CASAdelDRAGON
Start is 17:00 hrs, duration approx. 2 hours
Participation fee 10 Euro per person


Allgemeine Einführung in den Obstbaumschnitt

Behandelt werden grundsätzliche Techniken des richtigen Schnitts und der Pflege für Obstbäume. Der Kurs findet statt am Sonntag, 26.08.2018 im Color Garden der CASAdelDRAGON.
Beginn ist 17:00 Uhr, Dauer etwa 2 Stunden
Teilnahmegebühr 10 Euro pro Person

General introduction on how to cut fruit trees

The course covers basic techniques of proper cutting and care for fruit trees. The course takes place on Sunday, 26.08.2018 in the Color Garden of CASAdelDRAGON.
Start is 17:00 hrs, duration approx.2 hours
Participation fee 10 Euro per person