first raised bed in the german garden

After mounting more than 25 raised beds in the spanish color garden we started to create a first prototype in our german home unit garden.

Corinna started to collect some old natural stones. They are part of the local history. During World War II, our village was shelled and a grenade destroyed a barn made of natural stone. The stones are scattered everywhere in our garden and therefor they are a relic of this war.

We filled the lower part of an ibc tank with this stones.

And we charged the box with soil from the garden.

Finally we used some special soil for planting vegetables.

And we planted some salads.

And we are happy about the result after 2 month…

harvesting the sweet

In 2018, 2017 and 2016 we planted more than 300 fruit trees in the spanish home unit. 20 years before we planted around 20 fruit trees on a small plot in our home unit in Germany.

Planting a tree is a magical work. It opens doors for a sweet future and connect people with their future.

It gives future generations food and shadow and wood. These trees are older than the young strong workers on the fotos. For us it is amazing to see new generations taking the fruits of these trees.

Together they harvested the fruits from a cherry tree.

And prepared a lot of jars of sweet delicious marmelade.

Like tobacco brown tells in her TED talk, creating a garden is creating a social space for happiness.

art camp count down – minus 2

Today we realized the pee separation for the toilets. We used old plastic bottles.

We cutted out the bottom.

And mounted it inside of the hole of the toilet seat.

We mounted also some useful signs at the signpost…

…and some important information around the sinks.

We finished also the second toilet.

We moved another 1000 liter water to the water deposit.

We started to decorate the toilets a little.

This will connect the life in the camp a little bit with the history of the last 30 years.

We found a place for the gift from our friends in Bucharest!

We cleaned the working space a little and we prepared the ecoparc area.

And we mounted the surprise…for tomorrow.

art camp count down – minus 4

Today we finished some walls of the left shower.

We added a support for the lost&found – Box and the box itself.

Nicole cleaned and protected the box.

Also she painted and protected the new signpost.

In the lower part of the art camp we prepared the table for serving the catering.

And we added mirrors to the sink area…

… on both sides.

Than we started to route the water to sinks and showers.

And prepared part of the first shower.

art camp count down – minus 6

Finishing the installation of the water deposit was the last step yesterday.

Fixing the waste water pipe today the first task.

Also we mounted the tube for the pie.

And we unmounted more paletts to harvest wood for the construction.

We pulled out the nails of the wood.

And continued with the left shower and the left toilet.

And Jens continued his hard work with the stone wall.