familiafeliz is a decentralized living community with common economy. Decentralized means those people live together who want it. The community does not dictate where a member should live or that all members have to live in one place at all times. We start in Spain and Germany as these are the countries we already live and call our homes. Our community life is based on a shared economy, decisions by consensus, veto for each and solidarity with each member.  We respect and develop private property and focus on life in peace and freedom.

We are 3 members, 30 close friends and more than 300 supporters and contributers and we host between 50 and 100 guests per year. We are looking for more open-minded and creative people to join us!

familiafeliz living community - a social space
familiafeliz living community – a social space

Community News

Next events and activities:

2022-02-04 << 7 pm >> | FamiliaFeliz Information Chat | CASAdelDRAGON | open video chat for people interested in the living community – free – open – es/de/en

2022-03-06 | arteLOcura | CASAdelDRAGON | evento de arte social contemporaneo | cocina comun | apply now!! | Cervera del Maestre | Spain

2022-04-02 – 2022-04-23 | art exhibition | CASAdelDRAGON | Sat 10-14 / Sun 10-14 | arte contemporaneo | 15th anniversary of the gallery | more info soon here… | Cervera del Maestre | Spain

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