a wood stove for winter

caravan Christa on the right side in the middle part of the color garden

In summer 2016 we get a donation of an old caravan from a german family (big thanks to Elena and Thomas Plötz). The caravan is called “Christa” remaining the grandmother of one of our community members. One couple from hannover was helpful to transfer the Caravan from Windeck, our first home unit to Spain. The caravan is very useful for us to store tools inside and to use it to rescue sometimes. It is also used to cook.

the wood stove from Rolf Habel (german artist)

In 2017 we get a donation of an old broken wood stove and we moved it from Bad Neuenahr in Germany to the color garden plot. We repaired the fireclay structure inside and placed it in Christa.

End of 2017 Jens and Thomas collected all parts of an old caravan front tend. In two days they repaired and mounted the tend in front of Christa.

Isolation of the pipe passing the caravan wall

Finally in the first weeks of january 2018 we opened a part of the caravan wall and added a pipe and used clay from the garden to close the gap between pipe and wall.

the stove in action…

With this natural isolation we established a heating solution for Christa and we developed a very handy and useful ressource for the color garden (to guard seeds and tools) and for our UNIIE – campus (central counter and information point for groups).

temperature winter jan/feb -2 and +25 degrees…