abejas de amor – bees of love – new bee hives in Cervera del Maestre

In the early spring 2018 we mounted more than 20 bee hives in various fincas near Cervera del Maestre. We ask for a little piece of land, quiet and abroad from traffic. We assamble between 2 and 6 bee hives in one location and we are looking for a place with sun in the morning and a little bit of shadow in the hottest time of the day.

On the finca of Otto we mounted 2 bee hives. Every box is also linked to a person who was in any way important for my life.


Utz for example was helping a lot since 1987 to develop the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON and supporting a lot of our activities too. Now he is coming sometimes with his family and the next generation “take-over” the mission step by step.

Marta is bee keeper and very important for this project. Most of the boxes are a donation of her and her friend Jesus, also bee keeper in Castellon.

Amalia is a warm friend, artist (paintigs, sculptures), and she helped us a lot in connecting with local people and administration.