responsible person for this website:

Juan Petry
Las Parras, 19
12578 Cervera del Maestre

email: welcome / at / familiafeliz . eu
(Please do not use info@familiafeliz.eu any more!)
phone : +49 2243 841 647

links to living community databases and more locations:

ic.org | autoorganisation.org | familiafeliz on Facebook | volunteers base | workaway | sustainableecovillages | ecovillage.org | worldpackers | permaculture |

FamiliaFeliz itself is and art project according to the concept of social scupltures. It creates and maintains a social space to empower people and increase individual and common happiness. It belongs to participatory art and invites everybody to join it. If you are interested in our alternative and contemporary design of our living community you should read the charter.

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