Buildung a rocket stove in the art camp
Buildung a rocket stove in the art camp

Great to get into contact. We look forward to your request. Please fill out the following form carefully and leave us your telephone number or email so that we can contact you. Depending on the reason for your request, we may only be able to welcome a limited number of visitors due to current rules and restrictions. We will get back to you and inform you under which conditions we can receive you as a visitor and when. If you are applying as a volunteer, please read here first why we unfortunately have to reject so many. We are doing our best, even in these economically challenging times, to give as many as possible the chance to spend time with us in the House of the Dragon and in the Garden of Colors. If you have an idea for your own project with us (exhibition, sculpture, bio-construction, permaculture, dye garden ...) we look forward to your project idea. We prefer to invite people who are seriously looking for a connection to a community. It is an advantage if you have already visited us on one of the information days. Please select the English language when completing the form.

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