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If you are interested in joining our community,  please have a close look to the following link lists:

  • Charter of FamiliaFeliz group EL-DRAC (discussion|final draft| final version)
  • Interview with the co-founder Juan Petry on Vimeo
    (recorded in the color garden in 2016, featured by Mathijs de Bruin, NL)
  • Friends, applicants, candidates and members introducing themselves

If you like to join us for woofering, volunteering, internship or if you want to partizipate in our exclusive retreatment programm, select one of these links.

If you are a representant of an external group (couple, family, living community) and your group would like to explore detailed conditions to join the international network of FamiliaFeliz, please use the following link.

Apply for more detailed information or an invitation to our next info-days, workshops and art events by writing a mail to welcome / a t \ familiafeliz . eu (please dont use You should use this way also to apply for an account to access our forum or subscription of our newsletter (1-6 times per year only).

For your own risk management we will show here the data online available for CORONA Virus.

Here you find a map from JHU.

Source is the Ministerio de Sanidad de Espanya

For Germany we can provide only a link to the Robert Koch Institue with actual data > here