brasilian + german + british + spanish and a little bit of dutch around the table

As a guest you could stay between minimum 7 and maximum 21 days in one of our home units (the places where we are living). We accept applications also from disabled/ handicaped people. Especially blind or deaf people are easy to integrate in our daily life. In case of a physical handicap you could apply to join with a personal assistent.

Use this form if you like to join us for some time as a guest for one of our guest events.  If you want to apply as a wwoofer, please use this form.

tatiana and susana planting a fruit tree in the color garden

We offer:

  • friendship
  • accomodation in our guest house and artist residence CASAdelDRAGON
    your contribution > 15 Euros/day*
  • food (all, vegetarian, vegan – depending on home unit)
    your contribution > 15 Euros/day*
  • one sleeping place (house, caravan, tend – depending on home unit and season)
  • Internet access
  • access to knowledge in permaculture, bio gardening, poultry keeping, bee keeping, medicinal plants, dye plants, bio construction, art technics, programmation (html, php, delphi…), languages and more…

We want:

  • creative independet people (18+) – adults with kids are welcome!
  • willing to join daily life activities like cleaning and cooking


  • basic skills one of these languages: english, german, spanish (castellano)
  • resident in Europe or traveling with a valid visa
  • a valid health insurance

* We get a lot of requests for internships and from guests and wwoofers. We are a little community without any public funding or subvention. Also we donate most of our products: especially informal teaching in various fields. This contribution is – for sure – not to make money, it is to be able to invite you for a valuable and successfull time being part of a wonderful community project.

the first self-picked almount from our trees

Please use this form below and apply for your residence. If we confirm your application, you get a pdf with further information (How to reach us, good to know…) by mail.

Your MBTI you get online here.

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Please add some information about you, like favorite language in communication, soft and hard skills, Also use this field to write detailed specification and needs if you are handicaped.