Carob – the medieval oil – harvesting the superfood

In August 2018 we started to harvest the carob in the central plot of our color garden. We collected between 4 and more than 100 kg per tree. In a line with almonds and olive the carob is the first bigger challenge of harvesting food in the season.

Our color garden is part of Baix Maestrat, an old region of ancient agriculture. An old neighbour Filipe told us, the Carob was the Oil of the anchient times. The region of Valencia, especially around Cervera del Maestre has one of the highest concentrations of cabrob trees in the world. Even Cervera was in the past a rich village because of its amount of carob trees.

Most transport was done by dunkey and horse and therefor this superfood was the oil for the “engine” of this logistics.

We will deliver most of the fruits to the local cooperative in Cervera del Maestre. But we will use this superfood also to “crowdfund” some money for further investments in our social art projects.

If you are interested in handpicked tasty and natural carobs, please write is an email and we send you some infos how and when and where you could get some. You could use also the application form below.