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historical fotos of the past (before 2015)

Education – The greater Reset

APEAL summer school workshop Romania in 2018
APEAL summer school workshop Romania in 2018

If you can see social developments like the organization of education in a society as a NATURAL proces then you can apply the principles of nature to further development as well. Then:

Evolution instead of revolution.
Niche occupation before displacement.

From the first it follows that in the end there is no legal way to further develop of an existing system. Due to the system, innovation is declared to be an illegal activity.

colorgarden artist camp open kitchen 2019
colorgarden artist camp open kitchen 2019

And second, the occupation of a niche that cannot be reached by the system is a prerequisite for gaining strength and energy in order to be able to displace old systems in the subsequent step.

Organized education is an instrument of power. It was founded around 800 AD by Charlemagne. The goal was to create a unified class of officials with similar qualification in reading, writing and calulating to govern such a large empire.

penyaflor youth workshop 2019
penyaflor youth workshop 2019

Every subsequent social group has repeatedly viewed this educational system as a stable guarantee of its own survival and, if necessary, realigned its educational goals in the short term.

colorgarden stonewall workshop 2019
colorgarden stonewall workshop 2019

Anyone who talks about alternative education systems today should ask themselves whether he want to gain or stabilize power, whether he simply want to siphon off money from elites in a niche, whether he want to realign educational goals (with the hubris of making them binding for everyone else too) or whether he then wants to say goodbye to the idea of ​​organizing education in systems.

The strategy of the classic offers intends to focus on the educational content, but does not question the structure of the mediation. Anyone who withdraws access to their child must be tracked by the system. He does not question the educational content at a parents’ evening. He questions the system.

colorgarden anchient drawing workshop 2019
colorgarden anchient drawing workshop 2019

So it is first of all to define a niche as such and then to recognize one.

In a reorganized world there will be a tension between the will to virtualize and the access to matter. The relocation of educational offers into virtual spaces is a trend. But it is accompanied by the desire to get all human-machine interfaces under the skin.

The Internet of Things is becoming the Internet of Thoughts.

APEAL summer school camp literature workshop 2018
APEAL summer school camp literature workshop 2018

High infrastructure costs do not pay off in the area. So this niche will develop in an area of ​​low population density. The niche will also be found far away from mineral resources or other systemically important resources (like traffic routes).
Every instrument of power is subject to the laws of nature and also to the second law of thermodynamics. A consideration of the ROI for an investment will always lead to peripheral areas, which are not addressed in the first step. Niches will identify themselves as “too expensive” for the mainstream.

The escalation of violence to secure and expand power is also an escalation of the means chosen. Black powder is replaced by fact checkers.

colorgarden builders workshop 2021
colorgarden builders workshop 2021

Informal education is based on the natural needs of those who ask. These needs are difficult to predict. Nutrition seems to be becoming increasingly important.

Epicurus provoked the classical educational system of antiquity. Instead of erecting a new school building, he invited people to a garden. Instead of prescribing content, he created a space for the free flow of communication. Entering the room was linked to the acknowledgment of the principle of equality of the people who enter this room.
The niche will therefore be a social space in which the analogue dialogue is geared towards the needs of the communication partners. The teacher becomes a space builder. The conductor becomes the stage technician.

colorgarden builders workshop 2021
colorgarden builders workshop 2021

People’s strong urge to externalize their thinking, because their own thinking costs so much energy, leads again and again to the formation of roles. These roles (like that of a teacher) are adorned with privileges and burdened with conditions and restrictions. Above all, they are associated with a clear mission statement. The exemption from the task of gathering food is a hallmark of roles in a clan.

colorgarden birthday party 2017
colorgarden birthday party 2017

Leadership, healing, jurisdiction, defense are assigned to systemically relevant roles.
The niche will probably be characterized by the absence of roles… as well as the absence of rules.

Evolution is only recognized by those who remain behind.

CASAdelDRAGON - colorgarden living space 2019
CASAdelDRAGON – colorgarden living space 2019

The gift to the new generation will be expressed in a wish: please do not disturb.

Memories III – the roots of CASAdelDRAGON in Castellon, Spain

casadeldragon - memorias - and let there be light - the challenge at the end
casadeldragon – memorias – and let there be light – the challenge at the end

An event does not take place when everyone is finished. It takes place when someone says: NOW!

Juan petry

After we had announced the first exhibition in the CASAdelDRAGON three and a half years earlier, and after more than a hundred people were already waiting in front of the door, it was time to put the lighting system installed the day before into operation. The test failed. The tension rose.

casadeldragon - memorias - and let there be light II - the challenge at the end
casadeldragon – memorias – and let there be light II – the challenge at the end

In the end a decision had to be made, the light wouldn’t go on in one room. So we improvised there. The guests didn’t care. They hardly noticed. All other rooms were bathed in bright and neutral light. It later turned out that several errors came together: you can’t really go troubleshooting with a defective bulb in a defective socket.

casadeldragon - memorias - the first show goes on - Josi Ganzenmüller - director of a theatre company nearby
casadeldragon – memorias – the first show goes on – Josi Ganzenmüller – director of a theatre company nearby

Antje, translator and interpreter and in Cologne also tour guide in her role… the first exhibition was very well attended. We were also very pleased that so many residents from the village had come by. Local connectivity is important and will remain so. The CASAdelDRAGON is a house for European culture – and thus also for the very local and very valuable culture.

casadeldragon - memorias - the real heroes - Sardinian service by Gabriella
casadeldragon – memorias – the real heroes – Sardinian service by Gabriella

Gabriella, the Sardinian, who, among other things, embellished the Aquarius at the entrance to the gallery with broken tiles, in her pleasant way of helping quietly in the second row, with the eye for what is important, with the strength of her Sardinian ancestors.

casadeldragon - memorias - the guests from near and far - joy and astonishment after the announcement three years earlier
casadeldragon – memorias – the guests from near and far – joy and astonishment after the announcement three years earlier

Visitors came to the opening from near and far. Half were from the village or the surrounding area, the other half came from more than 1000 km away. From the very beginning, the gallery was also a meeting place, the best prerequisite for bridging cultures, for understanding and respect.

casadeldragon - memorias - the real roots of familiafeliz - so many thanks to Corinna
casadeldragon – memorias – the real roots of familiafeliz – so many thanks to Corinna

On that day, two founders of Familiafeliz were standing together in the gallery and didn’t even know that they were both laying the seeds for everything that would arise in the years to come around the house of the dragon. The idea of maybe buying a rental house together in Cologne was not implemented, but the successful founding of our decentralized community was. Sometimes you can remember the moments, they are often small decisions, and yet they lead to great adventures.

casadeldragon - memorias - the artists - esp - fra - ger - Amigos en Arte I
casadeldragon – memorias – the artists – esp – fra – ger – Amigos en Arte I

Barbara Rombach, German-French glass artist, stands next to Jose Caldes, Antje Kalisch and Peter Buch. Along with Genevieve Girot, these were the first five representatives of European contemporary art whose works were exhibited under the title Amigos en el Arte 1.

casadeldragon - memorias - the artist Jose Caldes - famous and humble - a gifted painter from Benicarlo
casadeldragon – memorias – the artist Jose Caldes – famous and humble – a gifted painter from Benicarlo

The well-known painter and sculptor Jose Caldes spoke about the risks and opportunities of a contemporary art gallery in the region. Caldes was the first artist who was able to sell a work – on the day of the opening – to an English art lover and collector. Caldes passed away a few years ago after a long illness, his work is remembered, and his friendship, his noble nature.

casadeldragon - memorias - the true soul of the casa - Antje Schultz - relaxed and happy - after the art coup
casadeldragon – memorias – the true soul of the casa – Antje Schultz – relaxed and happy – after the art coup

There are those who are at the front of the stage, whether they like it or not. And there are those who make all this possible in the first place, through their patience, perseverance, their will to create something positive and their willingness to give. Antje is such a person. Always the real center, quiet, present, for the gallery, the house, the community. Thank you.

Memories II – the roots of CASAdelDRAGON in Castellon, Spain

casadeldragon - memories - the view of the dragon - facing the north north east - as part of a sculpture on top of the artist residence
casadeldragon – memories – the view of the dragon – facing the north north east – as part of a sculpture on top of the artist residence

It is and has always been a challenge to keep the artist residency CASAdelDRAGON open for guests and activities. Decoupled from public funding, every action, no matter how small, is a big task. On the other hand, what has been and is being achieved under these circumstances is a success story and sustainable, since it is not dependent on political sensitivities or depends on the monetary drip of lobbyists.

casadeldragon - memories - the artist residence and think tank of social art in Castellon
casadeldragon – memories – the artist residence and think tank of social art in Castellon

The artist residence and think tank in early spring at 12 o’clock.

The dragon’s house is a gallery and workroom and offers 17 beds. It is inhabited by people who come together to participate in a social sculpture. Art is one reason to come, another is health, education, politics or economics. At the beginning of 2020, the house also became a place of refuge, rest and meeting of people who had left in very compact Echo Chambers. CASAdelDRAGON as a place to meet, to build bridges and to approach, a place to experiment, with the option of failing and starting again.

casadeldragon - memories - the German artist Jo Pellenz in his second visit of the artist residence
casadeldragon – memories – the German artist Jo Pellenz in his second visit of the artist residence

Jo Pellenz is certainly one of the most important contemporary artists from the cathedral city of Cologne. He has visited the artists’ residence several times and left clear traces in the art and culture of the village of Cervera del Maestre. His magnificent installation in the Ermita Sant Sebastian with over 650 unique paper figures remains unforgotten.

casadeldragon - memories - a detial of the Casa Pacha Mama in Cervera del Maestre - a second destination of art in the beautiful village in Castellon
casadeldragon – memories – a detial of the Casa Pacha Mama in Cervera del Maestre – a second destination of art in the beautiful village in Castellon

The second building in the mountain village of Cervera del Maestre, which is dedicated to art, is called CASA PACHA MAMA. Inconspicuous in a small street in the middle of the village, it shows a facade with mosaic and sculpture. You have to be almost exactly in front of it to see this facade. It was inaugurated in the vuelta del Arte in 2009 with an installation by the Mexican artist Rosana Velasquez.

casadeldragon - memories - detail of the first exhibition in the dragon house gallery in Cervera del Maestre Castellon Spain
casadeldragon – memories – detail of the first exhibition in the dragon house gallery in Cervera del Maestre Castellon Spain

The CASAdelDRAGON is dedicated to social art. At the opening of the first exhibition, the artist Juan Petry asked his guests to write down words that they wanted to give the place as “good wishes” along the way.

casadeldragon - memories - Neigungsgruppe Strom - core team of the helpers to open the first time the gallery of the artist residence
casadeldragon – memories – Neigungsgruppe Strom – core team of the helpers to open the first time the gallery of the artist residence

More than 150 people from all over the world helped to rebuild the house. In over 20 years they have rebuilt a 750 year old stone house and filled it with life. In the preparations for the first exhibition after 20 years of construction, these two friends in the “Electronics inclination group” helped assemble the installation for the professional lighting system. The material (ERCO – rails and lights) comes from a former department store in Isalohn (Germany) and was only purchased 6 weeks before the opening of the exhibition.

casadeldragon - memories - David Sales - friend and construction worker in final steps to finish the gallery space
casadeldragon – memories – David Sales – friend and construction worker in final steps to finish the gallery space

It was always the declared goal to bring the activities of CASAdelDRAGON together with the people of the region. The builder David Sales, friend, companion of the Casa and specialist in old building materials, helped to prepare the rooms of the gallery.

casadeldragon - memories - Heide Schultz - friend and core helper and supporter of the artist residence working on a 750 year old wall in the gallery
casadeldragon – memories – Heide Schultz – friend and core helper and supporter of the artist residence working on a 750 year old wall in the gallery

Heide Schultz should be named as one of many helpers and should be remembered. She has supported the activities of the casa for years and of course also helped in the preparation of the first exhibition.

casadeldragon - memories - Margret - friend and core helper of the artist residence working for the finish of the gallery space
casadeldragon – memories – Margret – friend and core helper of the artist residence working for the finish of the gallery space

The floors of the natural bulges of the back walls are laid with river stones from the RAMBLA CERVERA. Margret had helped collect these stones and contributed a lot to the fact that we were able to open the first exhibition on time, three and a half years after we announced this vernissage!

casadeldragon - memories - installation detail of the gallery space - thanks to Björn working without any errors since more than 15 years
casadeldragon – memories – installation detail of the gallery space – thanks to Björn working without any errors since more than 15 years

This is a detail from the construction period. The cable harnesses all lead to a junction box that brings together all the house electrics. Thanks to Björn, a Cologne street artist and electrician, this installation is still working today without any failures.

casadeldragon - memories - living room of the artist residence - waiting for floor and finish - donated wooden beams from WESTERWALD
casadeldragon – memories – living room of the artist residence – waiting for floor and finish – donated wooden beams from WESTERWALD

The photo shows today’s living room of the CASAdelDRAGON, today a meeting place. Since then, more than 2000 (!!) visitors have entered this room, students, pupils, artists, creative people from all over the world.

casadeldragon - memories - peter buch and jo pellenz in dialog
casadeldragon – memories – peter buch and jo pellenz in dialog

CASAdelDRAGON is also networked with other important art venues in the region. A friend and mentor in the field of sculpture is Peter Buch (left). His “Jardi de Peter” is an impressive destination for the region’s contemporary art.

All these photos – and another 100 – were shown together for the first time in an installation in the rocket club in Cologne’s southern part. This was a social art event, a personal celebration and a music and theater event with Dj Joachim (DREAMS Koblenz) and many guests.

These photos will also be published as part of the Artsurprise art project and as part of an installation in Colorgarden, the CASAdelDRAGON campus.

las ultimas horas – a little story about everything and the dignity of giving

This is a story about an exhibition in CASAdelDRAGON in 2020 and 2021, about a 49 year long friendship, about attention trafficing of yellowpress imperialism, about our tipping points in science, meaning and life. It is a story about the liberation from the paradise of ignorance and a story about the gift of love of letting go and the dignity of giving love without expectation.

Disclaimer: You need about 5 minutes to read this article, but a lifetime to experience it. Please ask your doctor or pharmacist about risks and side effects.

Las ultimas horas is the title of the running exhibition in CASAdelDRAGON, our community guest house, artist residence, think tank and experimental playground for social art projects. It is an exhibition with works from several international artists, all exhibited in the last 14 years in the art gallery in the basement. The exhibition is open for the public on saturdays and sundays from 10am to 2pm.


In the phase of the reconstruction of the CASAdelDRAGON we needed transport routes for heavy loads. For this purpose, openings were provided in the ceilings in order to transport the materials to higher levels. At the beginning of the expansion of the gallery, these transport routes could be closed.

But the history of this exhibition is also a reference to the birth of this place for art. More than 17 years ago we started to dissolve the material warehouse for the reconstruction of the CASAdelDRAGON and in 2007 we prepared the first exhibition opening in 5 months of hard labor. The photos in this article are from this time and remind us of the last hours before the entrance to the first vernissage. They tell the story of the “ultimas horas”, but also the story of all the people who made it possible for this social space to arise.

More than 200 people from many countries around the world had already helped to rebuild the CASAdelDRAGON. Some of these wonderful people had also agreed to help with the expansion, installation and preparation of the first exhibition in 2007. A very important person in the life of the builders of this social space was also there. And this article should also be about this woman who has been with us for so long.


In the expansion phase, we used relatively modern building materials. This was also due to the fact that ecological building materials and wood treatment methods were not available. In any case, we did not want to use toxic materials to protect wooden structures and at that time we decided on reinforced concrete as the load-bearing element. The closing of the last transport hole also marked a farewell to an era in which this 700-year-old house was being rebuilt.

When guests visit the gallery today, they cannot see what preparations were necessary to make this visit possible. Architecture makes history, but the focus is often on the surface of things, the building becomes a selfie for the builder, and sometimes also for the architect who plans it. The CASAdelDRAGON is a place to remember the construction workers and their own history. It is a place that was created through the social interaction of those involved, through the cooperation between the actors. And it is a place that connects the history of these helpers with the many generations before who built the place Cervera del Maestre from the ruins of a military fortress, and the CASAdelDragon as one of the houses of this place.

Nowadays philosophers wonder whether the real world still has a chance over the virtual world. The helpless attempt of the so-called mainstream media by media extension of the regulars’ tables in the television studio and the claim of opinion journalism for supervised non-thinking must be stunned to see how the young wild Youtubers pass by with their click rates. As viewing habits change, so do attention spans. When data becomes a commodity, the oil of this time, then distributing likes turns into a better pregnancy test. Imperialists have always exchanged glass pearls for gold, but never proved that either one is enough for establishing personal happiness. But whoever holds the glass pearls in their hands and reproaches or complains about the exchange, has probably not quite understood it.


The CASAdelDRAGON is also linked to Spanish history through the use of some building materials. The large wooden beam in the right photo was recovered from the beach of Vinaros after a violent storm. After that, it had waited twenty years for his appointment in the materials warehouse, the first floor, today’s gallery. It has found its place in a small store for the works of art that are not currently on view in exhibitions. There it spans an opening through which moisture can be released from the rocks behind the house. The beam is reminiscent of the Spanish Armada, its wood is naturally impregnated by salt water. The high camp is also a reference to local architecture. In the Middle Ages, the Florentine merchants kept their wool warehouses in high storages that were difficult to access; this architecture can still be found today in the nearby town of Morella.
Just as merchants kept their fine wool for the fashion world of young Italy back then, we are now storing the artifacts from the many exhibitions in the CASAdelDRAGON in just such high storage.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) was almost finished when the expansion of the gallery began. The just discovered teraquarks turn physics on its head, or on its feet, depending on how you see it.
The scientific accompaniment of the narrative of the pandemic has raised the question in large parts of the population as to what knowledge was drawn there and for what purpose.

Just as dark energy and the vacuum catastrophe are affecting the current world view of physics, the academic world loses its footing when it entered the stage of politics. The simultaneity of contradicting theories as the basis for the acquisition of knowledge is the grail around which science should dance. When you enter the arena there are games and bread, but no space for discourse and contradiction. The only thing that counts is thumbs up or down. Anyone who reduces research results to fundraising becomes a dancing bear. Digital amnesia is longed for in the next few years. But whoever has forgotten cannot forgive either.


Applying plaster to the wall is a magical moment. Before that, the eye is caught by all the cracks, different colors, bumps and artifacts from water and electrical installations. The eye sees this unfinished for years. Then one day a miracle happened. The loosely piled up becomes a unit, the space becomes visible and tangible. The acoustics change. A dark tone becomes sound. A space is a body. Just as bacteria inhabit our intestines, we inhabit these spaces. The interaction between space and residents should not be underestimated.

We were just in our twenties when we made the decision to rebuild an old house in the mountains of eastern Spain. The young life wanted to gain space. This room should be the basis for the new life that the room works out in order to fill it with ideas, projects, dreams and wishes. The gain in space quickly turned into an expansion of knowledge. It was the realization that this space was not borne by the builders, there was no atlas that makes room for the biosphere, there were countless helpers and preparers, there was this 700-year-old history of this building, which was newly developed , from a new generation with new ideas, from a ragged troop of enthusiasts who celebrated what they did every day.

The house was known in the village as “Old Mary’s House”. At the beginning of the 19th century it would be inhabited by a family dedicated to the wine trade. The word Parras in the street name is a reminder of this. The old Maria saw the beginning of the renovation of the house herself and visited us regularly. Even with walking disabilities, it was her concern to see how the house was rebuilt. The old people in the village encouraged us to keep going. Life in the house also means life in the village. They proudly led tourists to the house of the dragon. And so we realized. It wasn’t our house, it was the house of the village and its residents and visitors, and even during the reconstruction phase it was a guest house for all the helpers. The dragon winding around the fireplace has given the house a new dedication. He is looking towards the center of Europe, to the northeast, and he knows why.


Our friend Jo was sitting in the kitchen and thinking about the lighting in the gallery.Sonia plastered a wall for the first time in her life. Juan erects a pillar to support an arch as part of a niche that will house fuse boxes and other electronics.

The preparations for the first exhibition were of a very fundamental nature. When rebuilding the house, we could not pay so much attention to the ground floor. It served as a warehouse for all the building materials. The CASAdelDRAGON consists of three separate buildings. The passage between the two larger parts has been completely rebuilt and also received a new lintel.


The professional production of the broken tiles, the further processing and the finish, in many places the hardworking helpers have left their manual traces.

Colorful mosaics are installed in many places in the house. The visitors begin to smile and if they stay longer, some hesitantly ask whether they could also make such a broken tile mosaic.
The production is basically simple, the material science is clear. For some, the magic of contemplative action opens up. You sink into your flow and the hand finds the next piece without consciously thinking about it beforehand.
Despite the urgency of the approaching date of the opening, there is room in the CASAdelDRAGON, especially for young people to experience this for themselves.


So it was ambitious to finish this arch. But it was also intended as a framework and stage to later present the art in an appropriate way.

Over the past 14 years, more than 40 exhibitions have taken place in the CASAdelDRAGON. The decision on the day of the first opening was made in mid-2003, about three and a half years earlier.

An event does not take place when everyone has finished. It takes place when the guests arrive.

Juan Petry

When we spread the news that we were going to open a gallery in a village in the mountains of Castellon, away from the big metropolises or major sights, we were smiled at by some. It would certainly not pay off, we were prophesied. But of course it would be nice to have such a place of international art nearby. And it is a social place of encounter, with the culture, with the guests and artists, with the village, the landscape and with oneself.
The power of the place can be felt. The walls seem to have recorded all the stories, conversations and encounters, keep them calm and slowly and steadily pass them on to new visitors. The building, as part of the village architecture, is a completely arched, classical, physical place. You can g**gle CASAdelDRAGON and find this and many other articles and photos, but you can only experience the atmosphere and the feeling if you come and visit this place.

Those who think differently these days can be assigned to two groups. There are those who are wrestling for the attention of the masses in the same virtual places. In the charm of the shaky smartphone videos, you get intoxicated by access, length of stay and screen time. But there are also others who seem to have withdrawn into private life, who stay quiet, not out of worry or fear, but because it corresponds to their nature. They practice patience and persist in their cause, they prepare for new guests and stay in the physical. They continue to orientate themselves towards real encounters, they draw their messages from the visible mouths of their counterparts. They keep their distance to injustice, violence and propaganda.


The gallery has many niches and corners in which material can be stored or objects of art can be displayed. And again the plaster creates the feeling for the room.

Just as medicine is currently soaring towards increasingly daring theories, so is physics, too, and biology will follow suit in the years to come. The established professional opinion assumed that the DNA ultimately determines all processes in the cell and thus the organism and, to a certain extent, its social interaction with similar species. What the mRNA represents for biologists, the quarks are in physics. The desire to be able to describe the phenomena of the world in a unified theory is the longing for the truth, the true, which can and should be considered safe. Defending established opinion stands in the way of knowledge. To paraphrase the philosopher Popper, there is certainty only in the proof of inaccuracy.


The gallery’s high storey is also getting valuable plastering. The floor of this art storage room was tiled by Oliver. He had already set up many exhibition stands in his life. His motto was: There is still something going on!

The plaster on the walls and ceilings of the gallery is based on marble dust, a waste product from the surrounding marble works. This dust is mixed with white cement and mineral paints. A light blue has been chosen for the ceilings. On the one hand, most visitors feel attracted by this color above them; on the other hand, this choice supports the color fastness of the works on display. The beige of the walls is reminiscent of the predominant stone of these old walls. The plaster has remained unchanged over the years, breathable and neutral with regard to the art on display.

In general, it can be observed in the sciences that computer-based simulation replaces field observation. To do this, the complexity of the issue has to be reduced, especially where no measured values can be incorporated. Many medical statements today are based on simulations. The economization of the sciences inevitably leads to a conflict of interests. Assumptions can become certainties in the interests of the sponsors.
As in all belief systems, the high priests are trained who, because of their professionalism, preach the faith and do not tolerate contradiction. The objection outside of the subject is rejected as it is. The ranks of the elite in the certainty of their interpretive authority becomes a bulwark for those who think differently. All power emanates from the people, but it does not seem to return there. The educated elites have rarely shaped the citizens’ movements, their sons and daughters very much.


Old clay tiles found their place in this wall. We had pulled them out of the beach and collected them in many visits to the sea. It was a funny picture as we got out of the cars with construction buckets and beach mats in Vinaros. We found our treasures in the rubble. The old people watched us and knew what we were doing.

One thing is secretly doing good things. You lose energy. The other is to do good things under the eyes of witnesses. You might get energy. Maybe that’s why we invent the angels on their clouds as children. To be able to imagine that someone is looking at us when we are doing the good things is reassuring. For many people, the CASAdelDRAGON and its guests are eyewitnesses. Of course this is not a house of angels. But it likes to send energy to team up with those who do the good things. Many healing professions also do the good things to get rid of the pain of the past. They see their good as confirmation of their ability to overcome the evil. Those who visit the House of the Dragon learn quickly … these people will simply carry on their tragedies.

When people find that they feel balanced when they do the good or when they don’t do the good… then … and only then … their release begins. When they see they have to, they must, they are still locked in their story. Otherwise they give food to what there are working against. If people are sure that they have no reason … then they could let the good things happen around them.


Six days before the first exhibition opening, the floor of the gallery still looked like this. Many friends and neighbors from the village shook their heads and said we couldn’t possibly manage that: to finish and to open the gallery on time.

Creating a place of positive energy requires the donation of this energy. Sometimes more than 20 people were working in all the places in the house the last few days before the first opening. Back then, we cut the last few weeks, days and hours together in a photomontage. The original video is lost, but a remake with original photos has been published (“las ultimas horas“).


Like every construction site in life, the construction of the gallery was a logistical challenge. The place of the action was warehouse, workshop and construction site in one.

Just as the reconstruction of the CASAdelDRAGON was a joint effort over many years, the creation of the gallery is also thanks to teamwork.
Leaders in particular often do not realize how little they can create on their own. The fragmentation of society, lamented by many, the promise of salvation in the individual approach, the dogmas of Western values have all contributed to anchoring people in their isolation. The natural experience of the physical, the manual work, they have given way to the screen time. The emptiness sets in when they meet for a beer and really they start only the z**m.


The stairs were built and used daily. The organic railing was built from reinforcement iron, rabbit wire, mortar and white tile adhesive.

The story of the building of the gallery was and remains the story of its builders. It was thanks to their dedication, their courage, and their perseverance that this work could be completed. There was tremendous power and strength in working together for the common goal. We experienced and enjoyed this time as a community. At this point in time there was still no talk of FamiliaFeliz. But the will to found our decentralized community seven years later was also borne by the memory of this time.


Six hours before the opening: Antje fills stones from the river bed into the showcases that are embedded in the floor.

These showcases offer a very unusual perspective on the works of art. And many people, standing unintentionally on the bulletproof glass became frightened and backed away immediately. But anyone who has this experience is burned by the appearance of the work of art insode the showcase… forever.


A power strip, a HQI spotlight, a test lamp (defective), the light does not come on – find the fault – one minute before “door open”.

Work continued until the last hour. A problem with the lighting installlation put into question the achievement of the goal in the last few minutes. More than 100 guests were already waiting in front of the door, curious what had become of this project, interested in the art and the view into another world.


The first exhibition had the title Amigos en Arte, this was to be followed by more under the same title. After a few minutes, the first work of art was sold to an English test pilot and art collector.

With the opening, three and a half years of preparation came to an end. Again it was time to say goodbye to an era and venture into the unknown of the new.
A short while ago the sound of hammer and chisel could be heard, the groan of the cement mixer boomed through the empty rooms. Now it was dedicated to the voices of the visitors who turned their eyes to the art. A short while ago it was still the dust of the construction site in the mouth, now the palate enjoyed the champagne.

In 2020/2021 the gallery showed the exhibition las ultimas horas. It spans many of the exhibitions that have taken place in the gallery in the years since it first opened. The works of art are telling the story of the gallery. They are also telling the story of the artists who created them. The photos in this article are telling the story of the last hours before the first opening, and they are also telling the story of the helpers who made all this possible.

After reading this article, some may wonder what the connection is between the architectural history of a gallery, the creation of a social space, the experience of a temporary community in action for a common goal, the paradigm shift in the sciences, the agony of old and the dawn of the new media.

As always, the key lies in the human itself, and the memory of a particular person may help with that.

It is the boundless love for people, the respect and attention, the quiet but powerful work from the second row, what has distinguished people like Heide Brandt. She was able to give her communities a center, a point of reference in navigating their own lives. She was there for the others, and enough for herself. She endured, carried and contributed. She listened carefully, motivated and encouraged. She was a friend of contemporary and modern art, a collector of selected prints and drawings, she was a teacher for all of us. Heide had accompanied the reconstruction of the CASAdelDRAGON over the years, sometimes from a distance, sometimes on site. Of course, she was there in the last few hours before the first opening.


Heide passed away in early April of 2021. This article is dedicated to her.

Hubble, Covid and the big bang of externalizing the thinking

hubble, covid and the big bang
hubble, covid and the big bang

History is made by the victor, and so is science. This is the story of those who set out to create knowledge and those who want to believe in it. It is the story of the Big Bang, of dark matter, of alternative explanatory models and the arrogance of the respective elites to simulate the world as they would like to see it. It’s the story of us.

hubble, covid and the big bang - the start
hubble, covid and the big bang – the start

It’s also the story of a spice rack in a dragon house kitchen. And it is the story of cooking and eating as it is a story of thinking and acting. Insight liberates, especially from belief in knowledge.

In the fall of 1609, Galileo made the mistake of pointing his newly developed telescope at the sky. He had always been a critic of Aristotle and what he saw made him doubt again. The observation of nature could not be brought into harmony with the worldview of that time, the earth at the center of the then known universe was untenable.

hubble, covid and the big bang - the structure
hubble, covid and the big bang – the structure

Around 1929 Hubble published his first scientific paper on the relation of redshift and distance between galaxies. For his famous diagram, he chose the speed as the scale on the Y-axis. Einstein stopped his work on the cosmological constant. He called his assumption that the universe is static his “biggest mistake”.

In 1924, Louis de Broglie presented his research thesis, in which he proposed electrons have properties of both waves and particles. As a consequence he rearranged the terms of the Plank-Einstein relation to apply to all types of matter.

hubble, covid and the big bang - the compartments
hubble, covid and the big bang – the compartments

More than 20 years later David Bohm renewed the evidence for de Broglies thesis, known as DBB theory.

We consider this to be youthful deviationism. If we can’t refute Bohm we have to agree to ignore him.

Robert Oppenheimer

What do Galileo, Hubble, de Broglie and Bohm have in common and what can we learn from them in times of pandemic?

What most people will experience in 2021 has been prepared well in advance. Gaining sovereignty over the definition of a pandemic, along with the privatization of public tasks in the health care system, paved the way for the new power elite to enter the GREAT RESET. What is meant is less the smoke candle from Davos than the adjustment of global flows of money and goods to the new conditions. And these new conditions result from the dictates of the power elites and their simulations. This is intended to give the phrase “We have good reason to believe that …” is given sufficient evidence. Maintaining and expanding the power structure was and remains the priority of the elite. The call to science as a neutral and thus objective witness turns into a comedy. Whoever orders the desired result in research with a subsidy gets what he orders. So it is helpful that capitalist research produces easily manipulable protagonists who tie their reputation to theses once they have been implemented.

hubble, covid and the big bang - the compartments with morter
hubble, covid and the big bang – the compartments with morter

Galileo has been placed under house arrest for the rest of his life, a tried and tested solution to keep the public track free for the elites to enable them to achieve their goals. Hubble was not able to get used to his own thesis of interpreting the redshift as an expression of the escape speed of galaxies. The reputation struggling Einstein gave up his static view of the universe very quickly to stay inside the mainstream. Oppenheimer’s statement about Bohm exposes the institution of science as a circus maximus, in which bread and games are distributed like budgets and honors. And thumbs up when the ruling elite thinks so.

Anyone who sits in the audience and believes that everything is going well here is more than naive, he is safe in the mainstream and is supervised in thinking.

hubble, covid and the big bang - the spice rack space
hubble, covid and the big bang – the spice rack space

In all cases, turning to nature observation leads to frictions with the narrative. This narrative is not designed to explain the world, but to maintain or establish the order desired by the elites. Friction becomes a danger, censorship the means of choice and distance from the factual is to be measured in cosmological units of distance.
Scientists worried about their reputation become – in their bigotry – complicit, and all means are right: whose bread I eat, whose song I sing. Simulations are invented and adjusted until they bring the result of what was ordered. My ancestors believed what came from the pulpit, my grandfathers what was written in the newspaper, my father what was seen on TV, and my brothers what was published in Wikipedia and what Google showed as a search result and in general what the AI now outputs as a result.

hubble, covid and the big bang - the spice rack space finished
hubble, covid and the big bang – the spice rack space finished

The fictitious narrative is stabilized by adding more and more theses. In the end, you need quasars, dark matter and constants of nature, all of which only conceal what friction remains in the face of nature, which you can observe, but which you don’t have to and shouldn’t if you want to stay in the mainstream.
I don’t know whether hydrogen is baked into helium in a thermodynamic process inside the sun and released protons find their way into my observing eye or whether our sun works off the potential differences of the environment in a long glow like an Elms fire. But I remember that simple descriptions gain an advantage as long as they cannot be refuted, but only if they correlate with the established mainstream. Scientific progress can be measured well in the unit GENERATION. Whenever a generation of researchers dies out, there is always room for new ideas. Bad luck is for those who do not survive their PhD supervisor long enough. Wise is the one who looks for the oldest possible doctoral supervisor.

Biological weapons are conceived, developed and used. Propaganda is a cost-effective, efficient and continually used means of the elite. Anyone who now makes a connection between these two statements is considered a conspiracy theorist. He should be placed under house arrest, no bread and no games.

What is the basis of this human tragedy that continues to lead us astray?

Humans have always tried to save energy. This was well advised in the savannah. The tiger was close, everybody had to run faster when it mattered, not faster than the tiger, but faster than the neighbor.

hubble, covid and the big bang - installation
hubble, covid and the big bang – installation

Thinking costs energy. The externalization of thought is the means of choice. What has already been researched does not have to be researched again, what has already been proven does not have to be proven again. Scientific reputation certifies the implementation of the thesis, not its development and above all not its repeated verification.
In this way, all science becomes a belief system, and those who contradict risk a war of faith. The crusade can easily become the wrong way. And an event is required that questions everything and allows you to start all over again.

A master who demands the adoption of his own theses educates disciples, but not new masters.

Juan Petry

Religion and science are two sides of the same coin. This coin is not the bread. But that is exactly what is confused in the game.

hubble, covid and the big bang - painting
hubble, covid and the big bang – painting

The science that emerged under the Moors and their turn to nature observation was a declaration of war for the rulers and questioned the divine order, the derivation of which was the secular, as the lords liked.
The church could not stand idly by the degradation of the earth (as a place created by God) to a satellite of the sun. Whoever so fundamentally questions what has been considered true for centuries must be a heretic before the Lord.
The naive look through the telescope underestimates the impact of the publication of the observation. In the age of the bomb it had to be the atom, and that’s how I learned that it is the atom that releases the sun’s energy. The alternate truth wasn’t in the textbooks. Teachers who preach the truth don’t need a book of lies.

hubble, covid and the big bang - ready to use
hubble, covid and the big bang – mosaics and more

So I would have wished for a master in school who would motivate me to replace yesterday’s lie with tomorrow’s better lie, knowing that it would be a lie again.

Winners write history. Unfortunately, this always applies. Whoever goes into battle creates collateral damage, and that always creates suffering. Whoever sees in his victory the confirmation of the correctness of his thesis falls victim to hubris. So there must be reasons for the correctness of one’s own actions. The sacrifice is to be made, usually by the loser. And there is no alternative and regret is to be limited.

hubble, covid and the big bang - mosaics
hubble, covid and the big bang – mosaics

38 years ago we put a camping gas stove on an old wooden trestle to cook 10 kg of potatoes for the first helpers. A bucket of water next to it, a box of spices, that was the first kitchen in the CASAdelDRAGON.

hubble, covid and the big bang - memories
hubble, covid and the big bang – memories

After that we built many kitchens, some in connection with the casa and its visitors. The kitchen, as the central meeting place in the house, becomes a stage for planning, preparing and eating and for dialogue, embedded in the peace of the common meal.

There are many places with tile mosaics in the house of the dragon. In the large kitchen, the celtic knot dominates over the stove. Now, after 38 years, a shelf for spices has been added on its left side.

The big and small stories of the CASA and its residents are hidden in it. Old tiles from France are used and are reminiscent of friendships that have lasted for two generations. A scallop resembles the path that also leads through this village in eastern Spain and a New Year’s Eve meal in the Pyrinees many years ago.

Even the choice of spices is the history of the chefs through all ages and thus part of the history of this house.

Elita, Sing-Yang, Fadeela, Mariella, Bärbel and Martin, Etienne and many others have left their mark on history.

What can you learn from this kitchen? What can be a healthy connection between what is happening on the stove and in the world? You are what you eat!

The many visitors brought their recipes and preferences with them, they left us memories and tastes.

hubble, covid and the big bang - scallop
hubble, covid and the big bang – scallop

But we have to cook for ourselves, again and again, and think anew, think for ourselves. If we externalize the food we end up with fast food, if we externalize the thinking we end up in the black hole of knowledge, waiting for the next Big Bang.

Color garden memories

FamiliaFeliz - color garden memories
FamiliaFeliz – color garden memories

In a magical place magical things happen. The garden of colors, the campus for informal education of FamiliaFeliz, is a place to enjoy. Again and again this space releases the creative potential of the visitors and transforms them into the actors, the protagonists, the designers, the facilitaters of happiness. The garden becomes a stage, a canvas, a building site, an exhibition space and a memory of an idea: in the garden of Epicurus, all people are equal. Unintentionally they give themselves joy in looking at, using and building. They often pick up the thread that others have laid before them, they continue to spin it for the next to come. They meet in their deeds, across time and space. And they take something with them in their hearts, to have experienced themselves in an all-encompassing WE.

We proudly present: Mosaicologists of CASAdelDRAGON

Happy birthday Corinna !

Andreu – the universal language – memories

andreu - universal language - performance in CASAdelDRAGON
andreu – universal language – performance in CASAdelDRAGON

On saturday the 15. of August in 2020 our friend and great artist Andreu Ubach died of cancer.

So many things to say about this honest and mindful man, so many memories are coming up about his music performances and intensive talks about live, values and sense.

Music is the universal language of mankind.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In August 2019 he gave us a performance in the house of the dragon: The sound of love!

andreu - universal language - performance in CASAdelDRAGON
andreu – universal language – performance in CASAdelDRAGON

Andreu enchanted his audience with fantastic music. He opened our souls access to another world, colorful, timeless, calm and full of peace. Whoever touched his instruments was touched by himself.

His music will not disappear.

The universe is music, we are its children and it can be heard within us.

andreu Ubach - please play for us
andreu Ubach – please play for us

Delusion of Control

delusion of control - sierra d'irta - reservoir of new ideas
delusion of control – sierra d’irta – reservoir of new ideas

Motivated by a group of very dedicated partizipants in a weekly video conference moderarted by Jubilee Creates Something Amazing by meandering through life it might be time to reflect about some upcoming questions around communities and especially the inicial process of community buildung.

You can see community building as a process of integration, if you imagine the members of the new entity are coming together without having any relation before, or as a process of decomposition, if they had a kind of relation before. We see more evidence in the second, because the first denied the former status of each member as part of entities like society, religion, world population or GAIA or however you like to name it.

In the video podcast we meander around the inicial phase of community buildung, but as in a deterministic view on the world there was every a before. So you could argue by saying that there is a gap between reality and the common reality simulation produced in the community which motivates somebody to change the common simulation in the first place, and if not possible to convince some other members to escape together by forming a new community based on a new narrative, expecting, that this new narrative might be more close to the real reality.

It is clear that this will encounter resistance in the old community, because regardless of the positive intention, any attempt to split off is always seen as a weakening of the existing group. The other aspect might be that this process of decomposition leads always to a weak new fraction of power, compared to the abandoned group.

Another source of new communities might be the exclusion of members to get rid of never ending provocations. Even academic communities are not aware about the force to exclude its members from any access to the elite by establishing a playground called the academic world. It is a big myth – to put it in nice words – that all this educational institutions where released in a process of ethnic liberation.

However, in the beginning of the beginning a single person or a minor group discover a gap between these both simulations of reality. And the ability to do so is comming from a personal flexibility and independence from the group – or from its failing to control its members in a more efficient way. Again, lets point it out: you can see social media as a last place of liberty or as a tool to identify desperate provocateurs.

In Jubilee’s circle there are some questions on the table and we like to walk through. We are able to view them from the perspective of a single member of a decentralized intentional living community, from the point of a basic ruleset to decribe the reality simulation of this community and from the point of a never stopping provocateur inside of this community looking for new ideas and better fitting narratives to adept to a better simulation of reality. None of this views are able to find any truth, but, following Karl Popper, they are useful to exclude some narraives and the greatness in this is simply, that a wrong assumption in one view doesn’t need a proof in another. So even this post is published to be evaluated as false, and nothing more than this could be helpfull to develop a better – false – narrative about how community buildung might start. Keep this in mind, even when you read the next part.

The open questions and the answers (bold and italic):
What should I expect from myself? Nothing! In what ways am I responsible to my community? In no way! What do I expect from others? Nothing! What should I realistically not expect from others? Maybe, that they would answer in the same way – if i would expect something, what i try to reduce as much as possible.

It looks like a big provocation, and it is. But it is a kind of provocation to enlighten the source of community building which might lead to a subset of an old one – driven by a surely positive intention – by implementing the same negative conditions. So lets get through it.

As an open minded thinker and member of such an open minded community already the word should is a kind of interlectual hijacking. To be able to use this word I need a simulation of a moral entity higher than me as a given source to blue print a self policing narrative which allows me to submit to it in a gesture of humility. I would not go so far that I deny exactly this, but if I am asked by a third party i might feel just a tension.

Assumptions are a clear survival advantage in the unknown savane – which we have never left because the future always has something savannah-like uncertainty – as long as they are questioned deeply in preparation and follow-up and they are used in action – in combat – without any hesitation. This is no guarantee of individual success, but it is an advantage for the community in the sense of swarm intelligence. Expectations are not. The difference between assumptions and expectations is the delussion of adding a kind of truth or inevitability to an assumption, to make it likely more relevant. And this is excactly what happened in the process of a lot of community building initiatives. There is somebody who see the gap between the outer and the inner narrative and announce in the community the need to reinvent a better narrative.

Faced with the resistance to give up an avoidable security, the provocateur experiences the role assignment of a potential leader who is supposed to substantiate his claims and assumptions about the unknown outside. A natural reaction might be to reinvent his assumptions as expectations, by claiming evidence for them.

This might lead to crazy constellations, like a researcher in front of a board, who is forced to certify the economic usability of his research results in order to raise the funds he needs to be able to do this research.

If somebody is using the word responsibility i am not sure about the intention behind. I by myself experienced this world again and again compagnioned by “and therefore you should…”. When responsibility came in my simulation i was a kid and my parents tried to invent a reason for a desired behavior, to eat the soup, to tie the shoes by myself or to deliver a homework on time. Sometimes parents try to charge the value of this responsability by “God is looking at you!” or “No cake | tv | smartphone | love … if not…”.

By adding these possible arguments, I do not want to discredit the actual – maybe positive – motivation of the parents, rather it is about showing how helpless adults are when they want to introduce something – responsibility here – without really being able to explain and prove it.

Many years later a kid might realise in a confrontation with other kids in the street or with teachers, that there was a kind of truth in the attempted upbringing of responsability as a narrative, but not in the sense that the parents tried to explain it. It is a big difference if you learn from this that you accept responsability as a moral compass introduced by somebody who might own or drone you, or, if you learn out if it, that people tend to use the idea of responsability to hack your brain.

We see, like the narrative around money, that the idea of responsability is able to gather people to form big sized communities and you could count them as successful. But if so, do not try to leave them.

delusion of control - staying in the flow with nature and enjoy
delusion of control – staying in the flow with nature and enjoy

The idea of responsability often is implemented by using “because you are” followed by a role. You are kid, partner, mother, grandmother, driver, employee, tourist and citizen. And on every role the inner narrative of the society is binding a set of rules, and the self-fulfilling self policing happened … mostly. If not, by accident or purpose, somebody might be punished or excluded from community activities.

The obvious link between the first and third question leads to a similar answer. Instead of just repeating the argument it make sense to add some other aspects. If I would expect something from another person and if I would communicate this – maybe by using the word responsability – i want to make it happen more likely, what i expect. In fact, this ties the other to a certain outcome and it has to be seen as an act of capturing. If so, the deny of expectation and (!) the clear communication about this frees the other and can be seen as an act of liberation.

The answer to the last question may make one or the other smile. Even this answer is carrying a big ingredient to community building, which is called humor. The ability to use humor in communication deliver a strong message to the other, that binding doesn’t lead to prison automatically.

delusion of control - what we can learn from nature
delusion of control – what we can learn from nature

At the end of this post you might return to the introduction of the three different views on the subject, as a member of a community, as a reader of our basic rules – our constitution, our principles – and as a never stopping provocateur inside of this community. You are right to see this three views as constructed viewpoints to highlight roles, and you could imagine different answers to this fundamental questions, given by this three different positions of observation.

First of all, it is my personal assumption so far to publish this set of answers. If I look at our basic ruleset I find evidence that we created these rules based on assumptions and that we tried to affect the individual simulation of the reality in the least possible way for every member. As a never stopping provocateur I feel very comfortable in this living community FamiliaFeliz, because its aim is to enable me to experience alternative narratives all the time, maybe even because this community itself doesn’t create the narrative, i could find sense and meaning inside of it.

Our solar system is formed – beside other factors – by the immense gravitation of the sol. If the same mass would be compressed in a few cubic centimeters it would be a black hole and eat up the whole system over time. But the big sized sol distributed a beautiful environment for the blossoming of life as we know it, and not because it eats up everything around. There is a relative time-limited equilibrium between the sustaining and stabilizing forces of gravitation and the centrifugal forces as a power of innovation.

So you can try to explain the spawning of a new community from an old larger one by saying that you want to do it better, or by trying it less badly, knowing and underlining that there may be more of this less. The second one might not solve any problem, but doesn’t hurt its members so much.

I could identify my community as such a community, because I can answer these questions in the same way, as a member, as a reader of our charter and as a never-ending provocateur with curious look at the outside.

Memories – the altar of love

memories - the altar of love
memories – the altar of love

In late 2004 CASAdelDRAGON hosted a special guest. Christine from Germany was following an invitation for a short retreat. She arrived and was falling in love directly with trencadis, making mosaics out of broken ceramic pieces.

Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. And then there are those who wonder, ‘What the hell just happened?

Carroll Bryant (blogger and writer)

Her wish was, to connect herself to the location and to find a very personal contribution to our social art project. After helping in other construction she found her place, a hole in the wall of the living room, formerly a feeding trough for chickens, charged by an old pipe from backwards of the house.

memories - the altar get shape
memories – the altar get shape

Christine asked if it is ok, if she would put all her power in this project, even if it was not very important for the progress of finishing the bigger construction work in the house. We agreed with pleasure for two reasons. One: the concept of CASAdelDRAGON is to donate and receive donations. If we invite a person under such special personal circumstances we want to give peace and freedom to the guest. Two: we saw in her project a powerful sample of what this house of love (so titled by an artsit friend Rolf Habel) could deliver for its guests.

Christine contributed in daily work like washing dishes and laundry, cooking and cleaning. But every day after the breakfirst she started with her personal project for at least some hours.

memories - cleaning the environment of the artwork
memories – cleaning the environment of the artwork

Working with ceramic pieces is like a meditation. After one week Christine finished the project, happy and proud and much more relaxed than before.

memories - letting go of love means receiving love
memories – letting go of love means receiving love

The altar of Christine is since 2004 part of one wall of the living room in the house of the dragon. Everybody pass this location on the way to the terrasse. Many people are asking for this altar. And again and again its a gold reason to talk about all the helpers and supporters of the social project CASAdelDRAGON.

Christine prepared the altar itself. Later some guests used the space to place souveniers or little gifts. So the space became a comon spiritual place in the house, very personal, for a lot of followers.

Inside of the big social art project CASAdelDRAGON Christane created her own social art project, maybe without an intention for others but in the context of the dragon house finally it became a manifestion of a holy place, to remember the release of love to be able to receive the new one.

So everybody who donated a personal piece as a gift to this place repeated the mental journey of Christine.

Memories – the birth of a dragon

CASAdelDRAGON – the house of the mindful dragon

Memories… with this article we open a new category in our blog. From time to time we will look back and we will add a piece of history about the roots of familiafeliz to the common memory of the internet. There was a form of life before the rise of the internet, yeap!

In May 2000 we started to build the dragon on the wall of our house. It became later a symbol for the spirit and mission of our spanish home.

To understand the allegory of the dragon on the wall we have to step back to 1979. At this time Juan was a high school student and he was invited by the teacher to prepare a lecture about the greek philosophers Sokrates / Platon. By preparing the lecture he fall in love with greek mythology and the way of storytelling. At the same time he was studying chinese IGING and the rich animal-based chinese mythology. The chinese dragon Long is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people.

In 1986 Antje, Juan and a lot of family members and friends started to rebuild the ruine in the Calle Las Parras 19 in Cervera del Maestre. In the begining Juan was looking local TV in some lonely evenings to get used to listen Castellano. He was really surprised to watch spanish TV. Nearly every news about foreign countries was about a country in Latin America. In every news he watched minimum one notice about Cuba and Castro… Europe… european politics… that didn’t happened in Spain TV at that time.

Fourteen years later we arrived at the top of the house and decided to add a big sculpture on the highest wall. This sculpture should deliver its own story, the story of outstanding people and beautiful memories of community life. And it should give a hint on the future, of the house, of the village and of Spain.

Juan & Juan and Martina working on the dragon shape

The dragon is placed around the chimney shaft. The dragon enjoy the warm temperature of the place. He is looking over the highest terrasse of the house and he is facing the north.

The dragon, as a chinese symbol for power, strength and good luck, is looking to the future of Spain. This future will be much more defined by what happened in Europe (in the north).

Based on the concept and a raw design Martina – a beautiful mind and professional german stage designer located in Cologne – worked out the body of the dragon in detail. On a roadtrip to the south – to visit the castle of Alcala de Xivert in the Sierra d’Irta – Gabi, Antje and Juan passed a place of an truck accident on the national road N340. Beside the street they harvested a lot of broken blue ceramic pieces.

the dragons body with more than 500 kg of mortar

After 3 weeks of work the top of the wall and the dragon became alive. Short after this the people from Cervera del Maestre named the house CASAdelDRAGON.

When we curated the first exhibition in the gallery of the dragon house in 2007, we decided to use the image of the dragon for the invitation card, as a common brand for the new art gallery in the village of Cervera del Maestre.

By delivering invitation cards in the region (Amposta, Alcanar, Vinaros, Benicarlo, Peniscola, Morella) we discovered that the house was well-kown from its sculpture on the wall.

Amigos I. – the first exhibition

A lot of guests enjoyed the first exhibition in the gallery. Many of them helped a lot in the last weeks before the opening. Some people where thinking that we quoted the history of the local dragon FARAM. It was not the case. The dragon on the top of CASAdelDRAGON is a more mindful, wise and peaceful version. In fact we added a new dragon to the history of the village and many years later the local youth started to celebrate their dragons in a yearly festival.

Since 2007 the CASAdelDRAGON organised more than 30 exhibitions localy and in other european countries together with professional art partners. The dragon is still looking to the north and is giving us a hint, from where we will receive our future.

Its all about love – ever!!

The dragon is also a brave and strong commitment to Cervera del Maestre. Over the last 50 years the wonderful citizens of this village welcomed foreigners from all over the world and more than 100 people from different nationalities (France, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Poland, Ukraine, Norway, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Australia, Switzerland…) decided to settle in the village. The spanish home of familiafeliz is bounded to the house of the dragon and all its visitors and guests. In Chinese culture, excellent and outstanding people are compared to a dragon. Our dragon welcomed more than 100 visitors per year, some where attracted by art, education or community life, others by gardening or bio construction. Some stayed for days, others for months. A lot of them became friend with the mindful dragon on the wall. All of them where really outstanding people. They created CASAdelDRAGON as a community work, with the dragon on the top.