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all posts around the aquaponics project in collaboration with the MLU halle and aquaponics activities in the color garden of the casedeldragon

Aquaponics, hydroponics and aquaculture in Castellon / Spain

aquaponics - hydroponics - aquaculture - castellon - spain
aquaponics – hydroponics – aquaculture – castellon – spain

In early 2018 we started with first infrastructure development in the color garden of the CASAdelDRAGON. The color garden is also campus of our free university of informal education (UNIIE).

Ken pulls old nails out of the pallet wood

Ken – 92 years old landscape architect from Utah (United States of America) is pulling out old nails of the pallet wood.

Jens – SAP – Consultant from Germany – is preparing the pallet wood for new raised bed boxes.

foundation for raised bed boxes

We used concrete blockes as foundation for the bed boxes. This will protect the wood from termites.

Old used pallets are used to raise the beds and built the boxes. Old cleaned ibc tanks are used as tubs for the soil.

Finally a wood contruction around the stack of pallets gives the box a stable frame and will support later a plastic sheet. Therefor the box could be used also as a little greenhouse.