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Rainbow scouting – a location in spain

This is a post for YOU. If you are part of the rainbow movement and interested in scouting a location in spain please have a closer look to our living community and our projects here in east spain between Barcelona and Valencia.

We have set up a social space for years and welcome between 50 and 200 visitors per year. Most of them are interested in our social art projects ( alternative living community, agriculture, bioconstruction, education).

If you want to know more about our last events and happenings you find more in our news section here.

If you like to have a closer look to our community principals check out our service section here.

If you are interested in alternative education (informal learning, home schooling, no schooling) or if you like to explore a warmer place for winter in Spain, you are welcome.

We have already an artist camp with some very basic infrastructure and we like to develop this more and more.

IMPORTANT: Please use our form to apply for a visit. We get a lot of requests and we can not welcome a lot of visitors at the same time (beside organised festivals and gatherings 🙂 of course). If you come with your own tend or van and organise your food by yourself the place to stay  is free (limited days, no alcohol, no drugs)!

The missing link – Permacultura Penyaflor Tortosa

In late 2018 we where invited to have a closer look to Permacultura Penyaflor near Tortosa. The location is founded and maintained by Checile. She is a powerful permaculture activist and she is running several workshops and initiatives over the year.

Cecile will mount her own signpost in 01 January of 2019 as part of a local celebration. We will publish here in a short time details of the event and usefull information to arrive.

If you are interested to join this informal network of alternative locations use our application to set up your own post. This social art work is free to join for everyone without any specific permission. Just mount your post and calculate angles and distance to your favorite locations and give your visitors a sign that there is much more out there to discover.

Thanks to Arlo for helping to mount the arrow to the beautiful place from Cecile.

camino de santiago en cervera – gifts from the past

After the first big flood in October 2018 in Castellon with more than 400 liter per square meter in 24 hours we  had to repair an old part of a ancient street in our valley.

The flood washed out a lot of stones and gravel. The pathway became a river. This old street is part of the old infrastructure of pathways around our village Cervera del Maestre and therefor connetcted to the Camino de Santiago and the roman “highway” Via Augusta.

As in many cases old roads are talking a lot about culture, time, societies and trades. In our case we collected a lot of iron pieces, washed out from the flood and collected in lower areas between stones.

Every of this pieces has its own history. Some of them we can identify as parts of ancient tools for gardening and agriculture. some of them came from old wood constructions in local houses.

We collect them to use them as part of our artworks and as an ingrediente of a recipe to make black ink together with pomegrans.

To rebuild the street we collected local stones of different sizes nearby. It took us 4 days of work to rebuild just the ten meter of the ancient pathway.

If you come to the color garden, follow the signpost arrow to “Via Augusta” and with a little bit of luck you will find also a piece of european history between the rocks of this ancient pathway.


dulce de membrillo – the day of the quince

dulce de membrillo – the day of the quince – we come together to exchange recipies, to explore them and to share the results of the fresh quince fruits from our color garden in Cervera del Maestre.

We meet at 19 hrs in CASAdelDRAGON, Las Parras 19, 12578 Cervera del Maestre, Spain.

Join us for a nice evening with international guests and friends and lets have dinner together. Please apply via email or phone ( +49 160 99131933 incl. whatsapp).

Familiafeliz Info Day 2018-10-06

FamiliaFeliz Info(rmation Day) 2018 – 10 – 06 from 10 am to 10 pm – Cervera del Maestre – Castellon – Spain

We come together with members, helpers and friends of our community to talk about further steps to develop our living community. We will show you our projects, resources, partners and opportunities and we are interested in your dreams, ideas and projects.

We will enjoy this day with delicious food and a lot of fun.

We have a lot of space for cars, caravans and  vans and mobile homes and we have some caravans on our colorgarden plot and limited places in the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON in the village nearby. Accommodation is free.

You could apply here for staying up to 3 nights for a short visit around this Info Day or apply here as a volunter for a longer visit.

the ray of hope 2018 – lightsculptures and sound

Friday night we invited friends to see some lightful objects in the art camp in the colorgarden of CASAdelDRAGON. We started at 22.30 hrs in the lower part of the plot. Following the sign ARTCAMP. we created some amazing light sculptures like this…

We will continue this work with joy and entusiasm. Thanks to all the friends for helping us!

harvesting carob – the first 1000 kilogram

We are happy to announce the first 1000 kilogram of harvested carob. It is a little step in relation to billions of tons of anual production but it was a big step for us as a little community without tractor or other powerful tools.

We get carob in “Bio” quality without any chemical treatments of trees, soil or fruits. Every piece is handpicked and selected.

We brought all carob to the local cooperative and we are curious about the final price. Yes you read correct, we delivered the fruits without knowing a final price to the cooperatve. We do this also as a scout for a lot of little part-time and foreign farmers in the local area to get more experience in handling goods in local markets.

Carob – the medieval oil – harvesting the superfood

In August 2018 we started to harvest the carob in the central plot of our color garden. We collected between 4 and more than 100 kg per tree. In a line with almonds and olive the carob is the first bigger challenge of harvesting food in the season.

Our color garden is part of Baix Maestrat, an old region of ancient agriculture. An old neighbour Filipe told us, the Carob was the Oil of the anchient times. The region of Valencia, especially around Cervera del Maestre has one of the highest concentrations of cabrob trees in the world. Even Cervera was in the past a rich village because of its amount of carob trees.

Most transport was done by dunkey and horse and therefor this superfood was the oil for the “engine” of this logistics.

We will deliver most of the fruits to the local cooperative in Cervera del Maestre. But we will use this superfood also to “crowdfund” some money for further investments in our social art projects.

If you are interested in handpicked tasty and natural carobs, please write is an email and we send you some infos how and when and where you could get some. You could use also the application form below.

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water – liquid of life

After 4 years running the garden we had a first broken pipe and lost 1000 liter of water in one night. Comparing to the average of water usage for Europeans it was not a lot. For us – moving the spring water with IBC tanks and trailers from 15 km distance – it is a lot of water.

Especially the young fruit trees need it. Water is the liquid of life and it was highly recommended to aff some watering pipes to the infrastructure for the trees.

In all August 2018 we where working om this project. The system – called “gota-gota” – will give us the advantage on bringing water to each tree in the colorgarden. It little valves can be adjusted in giving a few drops per minute.

By opening on water tap we can route water to more than 100 trees now.

portulaca – return of the hero

Portulaca (portulaca oleracea) is an amazing hero and part of a group of plants which had developed a special strategy to adept to very sunny, hot and dry areas. With up to 200.000 seeds per plant and a robust constitution its seeds can travel in salt water and 60% even germinate after 20 years.

Ancient farmer used portulaca as a ground plant under olive trees and as a tasty vegetable and salat in the cuisine.

In the dry and very sunny areas of our color garden we are happy to welcome the return of this pioneer plant. It returns after several years without any chemical intervention in our soil and it will redesign the shape of our vegetable garden a lot.

The special advantage of this plant is its metabolism. Portulaca is able to process carbondioxid in the night and store it in its cells (CAM). It could close its leave traps over the day with the advantage of not loosing so much water (the price of other plants which need to open the traps to get carbon oxid to develop their growth.

The return of this hero will give us many advantages. First of all we will harvest one of the highest vitamin A carrier and use it in the cusine as salad and vegetable (acid if you harvest in the morning, more sweet and smart if you harvest end of the day).

Second we have a pioneer plant able to bring shadow to the ground and especially around trees it hold the water in the soil.

Third it expand the possibility to catch the morning dew through its great amount of surcafe.

Portulaca is also an interesting medicinal plant and delivers Vitamin B1,B2,B3,B6 and B9, C and E.

Come for a visit and enjoy the taste of this super hero.

Links to Wikipedia : esp | ger | eng