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MUARCO – the museum of contemporary art

MUARCO - the museum of contemporary art
MUARCO – the museum of contemporary art

Familiafeliz is a contemporary living commmunity and therefor we like contemporary art as well.

In 2020-01-01 we celebrated the groundbreaking for the building of MUARCO (museo de arte contemporaneo) in the colorgarden of the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON.

Several friends helped us and we placed a message to the future in a bottle inside of the foundation.

The museum will host contemporary art of international artists and it will be playground and part of the examination of a contemporary museum as an institution.

The museum publish news under its own website.

At the border of communication

at the border of communication
at the border of communication – sculpture by Nora Valdez (ARG)

If you visit the art camp, which is part of the colorgarden of the CASAdelDRAGON in Cervera del Maestre (Castellon) you might have a look at the amazing sculpture realized by Nora Valdez. You might also think about the meaning of this artwork – Nora decided the title “communication” – and about the background and the circumstances, how this sculpture from an international famous artist arrived in this place.

Here we want to share this story with you. And at the end we will invite you, to be part of a new story…

at the border of communication - laying of foundation stones
at the border of communication – laying of foundation stones

Whenever humans are trying to motivate themselves they imagine a result or outcome. By visualising your dreams, desires and wishes you make a first big step to realize the work itself. When Nora was clear about her project she invited some wwoofers and friends to join the process of creation. In a first step everybody was writing a message in a bottle.

It was a magic moment. Everybody was surrounded by others but after a short time everybody was in her/his own world thinking an feeling what would be a message to the future, and how to express it.

at the border of communication - helping hands all around
at the border of communication – helping hands all around

To work out a bigger art project like this the artist is relaying humans, ressources, time, knowledge and many other things. Entusiastic helpers mixed the concrete for the foundation and later the soil-clay-cal-cement mix for the construction. Like a lot of international art projects in CASAdelDRAGON it was a team of art lovers from Slowenia, France, Hungaria, England, Poland, Spain and Germany who helped Nora to make it happened.

at the border of communication - the creation process
at the border of communication – the creation process

Nora is a real self made artist, comming from drawing she explored her love for carving and sculpturing in Italy in an art symphosium long time ago. Working with a block and exploring the sculpture inside is a mental movement from the big raw outside to the little secret inside. In this project Nora had to take the opposite direction.

CASAdelDRAGON is not funded by public. There are no companies sponsoring the social art projects till now (2019). If an artist choose the art residency he will be part of the friends, visitors and guests and woofers in the house at that time. The artist could use free leftovers and local material, sponsored by the living community FamiliaFeliz. So Nora could use only what was available at that time in the art camp, some bricks, soil, cement, cal and some tools.

It was a big challenge for Nora to figure out a reverse process of adding material to a given piece instead carving away what hide the wanted outcome.

at the border of communication - the inner dialoge
at the border of communication – the inner dialoge

Improvising cheap solutions and using as much as possible organic natural materials or recycling is the common way in the art camp. The soil-cal-cement mix (4:1:1+water) is a very useful material to build the structure and later the shape of the sculpture. Once mixed its usable for hours and can be rewatered again to expand the usable time.

at the border of communication - the hidden champions
at the border of communication – the hidden champions

To make it happen – is a process and with gratitude pointing out all the helpers who contributed to this art project it is a form of respect to think about them for a while. People like Nina or Rebekka or Francesca where working behind the scene to prepare the food and to serve the daily needs for all. People like Karsten contributed to our budget to make us able to buy good organic food for all. Even harvesting almonds for tasty cakes to reenergize the team to work on the art project was the amazing outcome of this artistic intervention. And Amanda was cooking and cleaning a lot every day – these are really the hidden champions of this project.

at the border of communication - the sculpture in the art camp
at the border of communication – the sculpture in the art camp

Painted with minerals the sculpture got its final shape.

There are plenty of untold stories about this sculpture done in summer 2019 in the art camp of CASAdelDRAGON. Its up to everybody to reflect and re-think about this time. The house of the dragon is a mysterical place. This location provides magical moments, awareness and peace. And even its peace is unhiding our fear.

Everybody might look at the work from a subjective perspective and will make up the mind with a personal interpretation. Here is not the place for this. Great art does not need so many words. And this is great art.

If you have a look at this artwork you will be able to share the history of its creation with others. A lot of times – if we see something amazing – we would like to be part of the process of creation as an eyewitness or active contributer. Sure its not possible for this one. But as i promised before i will end with my personal invitation to you.

You can be part of a new story, you could join a team of creative international supporters and help the next artist to give life to his dream. Or maybe you are the next artist and you like to create your sculpture embedded in an international community. You are welcome.

Nora Valdez donated this sculpture to the citizens of Cervera del Maestre, the guests of CASAdelDRAGON and the visitors of the art camp and the color garden. She placed her artwork like a message in a bottle. She decided the title Communication. In the name of all who helped and supported this project: Thank you, Nora!

The power of passion

the-power-of-passion - the dragon dream
the-power-of-passion – the dragon dream

In November 2017 Viane was facing some new challenges. After preparing a part of the working bench in our open kitchen near the vegetable garden she focused a grew wall. This wall is part of the kitchen structure and on top of a foundation layed out by Margret, Mariella and others in 2015.

If we realize how many people in the last years where working at this place: its amazing. Some of them had the chance to meet in place, some of them are not aware about the former or following worker. But all their work and contruction is part of the story of CASAdelDRAGON and FamiliaFeliz – and therefor also part of this story.

the-power-of-passion - giving birth to an idea
the-power-of-passion – giving birth to an idea

Viane started to draw a sketch on the wall. Over three days she was looking and thinking and trying to find the right proportion and expression. Finally she get very sure about her design.

the-power-of-passion - facing the crystal bullet
the-power-of-passion – facing the crystal bullet

The first dragon was showing up in the color garden. But it took more than 12 month to continue the work.

the-power-of-passion - wings get shape
the-power-of-passion – wings get shape

Antje and Corinna started to work from outside to inside. The selection of colors was decided by both of them. As a quotation to the dragon on the wall of the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON they selected also last leftover pieces of its lightful blue color.

the-power-of-passion - trencadis - being in a flow
the-power-of-passion – trencadis – being in a flow

The white glue (special product to stick ceramics on walls) is waterbased, usable for some hours and give enough time for relaxed progress.

the-power-of-passion - trencadis - all about love
the-power-of-passion – trencadis – all about love

As a passionate tribute to a big love Juan added the heart in the center in late 2018.

the-power-of-passion - trencadis - the finish
the-power-of-passion – trencadis – the finish

In spring 2019 Antje and Corinna finished the work in a two week session.

the-power-of-passion - trencadis - nearly done
the-power-of-passion – trencadis – nearly done

The dragon as a positive symbol of power and passion and health will be part of the history of the color garden. This dragon will focus the crystal bullet in the wall, aware about the future of this space.

the-power-of-passion - trencadis - the power of love
the-power-of-passion – trencadis – the power of love

In early summer the dragon was finished. He is waiting now for the next sessions around him to continue the work on this open kitchen.

We should never underestimate the power of passion, to create an idea, to start, to continue and to finish a joyful project. Even if it takes sometimes years to succeed we should never give up our dreams. What remains until the end: the power of love.

Klangprobe – sound sculptures by Andreu Ubach

experimental sound performance by Andreu Ubach

Monday, 2019-08-12 – 7pm – CASAdelDRAGON – sound performance and social sculpture featured by Andreu Ubach – admission free

As a homage to the sound sculpture pioneers, the Baschet Brothers, the Catalan artist Andreu Ubach performs in the gallery of the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON with self invented sound instruments.

In the special environment of the exhibition space, Ubach invites guests to create an experimental sound collage and thus to contribute to a social accustic sculpture.

Location: CASAdelDRAGON, Las Parras, 19, 12578 Cervera del Maestre, Castellon

Encoding realities – the journey of Arlo Laibowitz

CASAdelDRAGON – the spanish location of familiafeliz – is a artist residence since more than 30 years. We hostet artists from all over the world. The visual artist Arlo Laibowitz visited us several times in 2018 and 2019. He partizipated in exhibitions, art performances and in the daily life in the familiafeliz community.

The burning heart sculpture - artwork of Arlo Laibowitz in the sculpture garden of CASAdelDRAGON
The burning heart sculpture – artwork of Arlo Laibowitz in the sculpture garden of CASAdelDRAGON

Artists are coming and going all the time. Arlo gave us a strong impact and high motivation to continue the project of hosting artists and give them space to develop their art projects. In a microeconomy driven world it might be not easy for a non profit orientated project without any public or private funding to organise accommodation, catering, hosting and social art activities but artists are also creative in finding solutions for that.

Arlo is working worldwide (Las Vegas, Shanghai, Barcelona, Valencia) and part of the burning community and engaged in figuring out new art performances based on temporal installations all the time.

Uncertanty is the space for evolution and the emergent feature of Love. Happy birthday, Arlo!

Juan Petry

Arlo is a storyteller and he tells his stories by using the wide range of media which is available for contemporary artists of this century.

In his new project he will create a tree of love for the upcoming burning event NOWHERE 2019. He used crowdfunding to succeed (deadline beginning of june 2019). CASAdelDRAGON offer the space for premanufacturing the segments. Arlo will gather a group of supporters to prepare and move the parts to the festival in summer 2019.

Virtual worlds and media are playgrounds to discover and simulate reality in a laboratorial environment, but we should bring into account that we do this to face a glimp of reality and to get closer to the brain of others.

Arlo is passionated in cooking as well as in using all media to deliver the story, to reach the other, to get in touch with the audience and to get in touch with himself.

Nowhere is a good sample for his journey. It is a project to gather people, to enjoy the moment and to share happiness. The temporary momentum of the Tree of Love will remind us, to enjoy this moment.

Luftmensch - Arlo Laibowitz art work 2018
Luftmensch – Arlo Laibowitz art work 2018

Family Constellation


In early march 2019 we had some visitors from Germany, a young family with 2 kids. Lea the woman, started the communication with us and finally they arrived, coming from France on their way to Portugal. They parked their Camper Van in the garden area under a big carob tree and joined us in some tasks in the garden.

family-constellation-lunch under olive trees

In the last four years we had several times families with young kids at our place, and a lot of times we have requests or applications from single-mums with a little child on the way to search for a siutablle community.

In most of the times we are asked if there are other kids in the community. We have to say NO (because we talk the truth), not yet. The normal reply is than: “Ok thanks but i am looking for a bigger community with children because i want that my child is playing with others and i want exchange and sharings with other mums.”

As long as nobody want to be the first, it will not work in our place. We are just in the process to create a community life here in CASAdelDRAGON and we need people willing to start something from scratch.

family-constellation-space for peace in the garden area

We enjoyed another time the visit of this family with kids and we ask them for a short review on their stay in the color garden.

“Searching for communities and different ways of life, we made our first stop at Familia Feliz in Cervera. We had read about a dyer’s garden. We did not find what we expected, we found what we did not expect 🙂 . For example we found in the garden: Philosophy of life, rooted in simplicity and expectionlessness; very different kind of fruits connected like a mycelium, unclear to the naked eye wheather its one organism, several or plenty; a place where every plant can find its place to grow.  One thing is sure: never expect to find what we found – a garden is constantly changing and there is so much space to grow… Thank you very much! We had a very enriching and inspiring stay enjoying our time together a lot. All the best!”

We have to say thank you. Both adults where very social and helping in construction. We created a place to prepare the food in the open kitchen of the art camp.

Pictures of an exhibition – participatory social art performance

On the artist website you could read a quot from Elon Musk: “I wanted to be involved in things that would change the world.” and the reply from the spanish german artist Juan Petry: “I wanted to be involved in worlds that would change the thing.” Following his mission to figure out agagin and again new kinds of participatory social sculptures he invited friends and neighbours – with the german artist Rolf Habel – to a very special art exhibition.

Under the titlle “Copii de Ciocanesti – the kids of Ciocanesti” he mounted 14 canvas in the “room for art” in Windeck near Cologne, in our second home unit in Germany.

Every canvas was related to a real human friend in the area of Ciocanesti, a villlage 31 kilometer far from the capital Bucharest in Romania. Laura, Raluca, Irina and all the other children of the yearly summer school where described with a portrait foto, a short description and some information about their role in this summer school event.

The “special” in this exhibition was the issue, that no painting was worked out. Petry had mounted white canvas at each place.

Before the audiance entered the exhibition space, Petry talked about his experience in the summer school in the last two years and his workshops and the lovely people in Romania.

After a walk from canvas to canvas talking about the little stories related to the kids of Ciocanesti the audience started to work out all paintings. Everybody choosed 3 or 4 stories and they organised themselves in teams to paint 14 works in 4 hours.

Finally all art works where mounted again and we all enjoyed a walk through this “pictures of an exhibition”.

This is one of the works, titled: “Raluca”.

Familiafeliz Info Day 2018-10-06

FamiliaFeliz Info(rmation Day) 2018 – 10 – 06 from 10 am to 10 pm – Cervera del Maestre – Castellon – Spain

We come together with members, helpers and friends of our community to talk about further steps to develop our living community. We will show you our projects, resources, partners and opportunities and we are interested in your dreams, ideas and projects.

We will enjoy this day with delicious food and a lot of fun.

We have a lot of space for cars, caravans and  vans and mobile homes and we have some caravans on our colorgarden plot and limited places in the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON in the village nearby. Accommodation is free.

You could apply here for staying up to 3 nights for a short visit around this Info Day or apply here as a volunter for a longer visit.

the ray of hope 2018 – lightsculptures and sound

Friday night we invited friends to see some lightful objects in the art camp in the colorgarden of CASAdelDRAGON. We started at 22.30 hrs in the lower part of the plot. Following the sign ARTCAMP. we created some amazing light sculptures like this…

We will continue this work with joy and entusiasm. Thanks to all the friends for helping us!