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the ray of hope 2018 – lightsculptures and sound

Friday night we invited friends to see some lightful objects in the art camp in the colorgarden of CASAdelDRAGON. We started at 22.30 hrs in the lower part of the plot. Following the sign ARTCAMP. we created some amazing light sculptures like this…

We will continue this work with joy and entusiasm. Thanks to all the friends for helping us!

cohabitation in the colorgarden

Many people come to our color garden to study plants, especially thoose to get natural pigments.

It was a great success that a friend came along woth a camera trap to discover more about our fauna. He mounted the camera in the lower silent part of the garden in early summer 2018.

The european rabbit was one of the know cphabitors of our plot.

Another known friend – never seen but listen – is the common nightingale. A lot of times we enjoyed already their songs in late evenings and nights.

The columba – part of the large family of doves – is another guest we already watched time by time.

We never saw a common genet on the plot. It was a surprise that this african migrant is living on our land.

Another guest is the red fox. We saw him once crossing a street to Cervera del Maestre in the night, never on our land.

Amazing to see the fauna enjoying the wilder parts of our land we want to say thank you to Christoph for this wonderful discovery.

art camp count down – minus 18

In 18 days we will start the art camp with the alumnos of the thomas muentzer high school in Halle (Saale) / Germany.

We moved a lot of wood for construction to the working area.

Even sinks and glas stones – a donation of a local hand craft worker from Cervera del Maestre – arrived to the place.

Main construction sources are american paletts (100 x 110 cm) – a donation from a wood box factory in Morella / Castellon.

In front and behind we finished the foundation with concrete stones. The stack in the middle will support the two sinks.

Finally Christoph digged some chanels for installation pipes and electric cable.

This is the result for the first day – to count down from 18 to zero…

No smoking please

Besides all reasons about health, co-smoking and waste we have to limit the fire risk in the dry area of the color garden. From 1 of June 2018 please do not smoke on the finca of familiafeliz in Cervera del Maestre.

In compliance with local and spanish law the use of any open fire or tools with gas or oil burning motors or any other source is restricted. You need an explicite permission on our plots for all of this.

Parking cars (with hot catalyst or hot exhaust) is also restricted.

Please respect nature and the playing kids in the color garden.


More service infrastructure in the color garden

In 2017 the house of the dragon (CASAdelDRAGON) hosted groups between 10 and 25 members, mostly students form german universities.

In summer 2018 we organize a summer camp with 35 students from a german high school from Halle (Saale) and we will welcome also all teachers and children from the local primary school of our village Cervera del Maestre for some activities in the garden.

The summer camp will take place in the color garden area – also the campus of UNIIE (free university of informal education) – and therefore we are planning modular services, toilets and showers.

This is a typical sample of our way to grow and develop the space. Together with members, helpers and wwoofers we will create this new infrastructure in the first days of june 2018.

Part of this installation will be a solar water heater system (for the shower and hot water also for the open kitchen). Also we will implement a waste water deposit. This deposit is an important part of our general waste water management strategy. To develop a nice and sustainable garden we focus on recycling and reusing of ressources.

Also a urine (pie) deposit will part of this installation. We will mix it (1:8) with rain water to poor the fruit trees in lower levels.

The design is based on 100 x 120 cm pallets – which we get from the industry. Even this material will be used as a basement and for walls and roofs of the installation.

To use as many as possible third parties trash and waste – which is indeed a big ressource for our community – will help to develop a powerful way for sustainable solutions.

Orientation in the color garden

signpost before
the signpost near the fig-lounge before…

In the beginning of the color garden project we managed around 3 ha land and started with cleaning the first stone walls and implementing the first raised beds. After some years we added time by time new installations and “features” in the bio garden, the sculpture garden or even inside the social area near the open kitchen.


signpost after adding some arrows
signpost after adding some arrows

At the same time we had more and more visitors and guests, in october 2017 first time students from the biology department of the MLU Halle (Saale) Germany. Later in spring 2018 we welcomed again students from Halle, first from the “Burg Giebichenstein (art university)” and later new students from the MLU Halle (Saale). They where interested in aquaponics and in management of natural resources. More and more it became usefull to establish a system of sign posts in the garden to route the visitors between all the different locations.


signpost near the aquaponics installation area

In spring 2018 we expanded the area up to more than 8 ha and we placed new signposts in crossings and important places.


second signpost with new arrows

Also we liked to play a little bit with the words and wrapped some of the targets in an artistic linguistic way.

The choice of Hercules pointed out an area where we are able to accommodate horses or donkeys. But the place is also linked to a powerful and important decission of Clara related to the horse project. We liked to underline this powerful decission of her and we will remember it linked to another famous decission in the greec mythology, the choice of Hercules. By the way, we like classical music too.

Happy eastern 2017 – colors in the garden

frau u.nikate – martina unterharnscheid in the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON in spring 2017

Martina Unterharnscheid was in eastern 2017 a guest in the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON and did some “ecoprints” with fig and olive leafs of the color garden.


ecoprints with color garden plants – artist residence CASAdelDRAGON in spring 2017

The famos german artist and art promotor in the EIFEL – region in germany was working a second time in the residence. As part of her investigation she collected different wood, plants leafs and other organic material. As part of the UNIIE activities she will offer workshops and classes in the future.

More information about the artist here.

Signpost mounted – another work of art

German home unit 1276 km far from the color garden, the first three arrows

We finished the first arrows of the signpost in the sculpture garden and mounted them. As a remark from Mihaela from Lugoj, that are exactly the colors of the romanian flag. So welcome Mihaela :).

Clara from La Senieta and the complete signpost

In the next days we will complete the installation with arrows to Martha´s home, the german home unit of Familiafeliz group EL-DRAC. If you want to be part of the project check this page and mount your own signpost.

step four – entrance to the sculpture garden

finishing the entrance to the sculpture garden – step four

We finished the step number four to the entrance of the sculpture garden. Also we arranged a little the frame of stones around the entrance.


an new guide on the left side of the entrance

On the left side we started a new guide. On the left side without head, on the right side with a head.


the finish

The step number four is also to protect the soil on the upper terrace.


protecting the soil from the upper terrace

Left photo from the upper terrace, right photo from the lower terrace.