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Happy eastern 2017 – colors in the garden

frau u.nikate – martina unterharnscheid in the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON in spring 2017

Martina Unterharnscheid was in eastern 2017 a guest in the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON and did some “ecoprints” with fig and olive leafs of the color garden.


ecoprints with color garden plants – artist residence CASAdelDRAGON in spring 2017

The famos german artist and art promotor in the EIFEL – region in germany was working a second time in the residence. As part of her investigation she collected different wood, plants leafs and other organic material. As part of the UNIIE activities she will offer workshops and classes in the future.

More information about the artist here.

Signpost mounted – another work of art

German home unit 1276 km far from the color garden, the first three arrows

We finished the first arrows of the signpost in the sculpture garden and mounted them. As a remark from Mihaela from Lugoj, that are exactly the colors of the romanian flag. So welcome Mihaela :).

Clara from La Senieta and the complete signpost

In the next days we will complete the installation with arrows to Martha┬┤s home, the german home unit of Familiafeliz group EL-DRAC. If you want to be part of the project check this page and mount your own signpost.

step four – entrance to the sculpture garden

finishing the entrance to the sculpture garden – step four

We finished the step number four to the entrance of the sculpture garden. Also we arranged a little the frame of stones around the entrance.


an new guide on the left side of the entrance

On the left side we started a new guide. On the left side without head, on the right side with a head.


the finish

The step number four is also to protect the soil on the upper terrace.


protecting the soil from the upper terrace

Left photo from the upper terrace, right photo from the lower terrace.

Second signpost in La Senieta Benicarlo Spain

new signpost in the garden of Clara – LA SENIETA – Benicarlo – Spain

We mounted a second signpost in the garden of LA SENIETA – the bio garden refugium of Clara. The signpost will host some links to the familiafeliz destinations and Clara will add some new locations of friends working in the field of permaculture, bio gardening, medicinal plants and social cultural projects like the color garden or the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON.

Do you want to mount your own signpost? Here is the form to calculate distance and direction.

Third step

step number three in the sculpture garden

We did a third step in the sculpture garden. So we are on the way to finish the first stair to a upper level of the garden. Left side with cladding, right side after the finish.


step number three at the end of the day

And we will continue with number four…

Second step

Moving material to the working area – approx. 500 kg for 4 steps

We created the second step to the entrance of the sculpture garden. First we prepared the cladding, then we supported it with a ring of heavy stones. Inside we places some nice natural stones and mortar.


mortar left – cladding right – stones in the box to support the cladding

The rest of the step we filled with little stones and concrete.


process of unmounting the cladding and doing the finish

After waiting 4 hours we unmounted the cladding and we did the finish of the natural stone wall.


final view after another day of working for the first four steps to the sculpture garden

Next job will be step three…

stairs to heaven – part 1

foundation of the first big step into the sculpture garden area

If you can dream it, you can do it (Walt Disney).

One aspect of the color garden is, to realize a premanent exhibition area for landart and sculptures and installations. To enter the garden, each visitor has to reach the different levels in the garden. We started with a first step. And we imagine, it will be the first of 1.000 steps…

outside natural stones and mortar, inside little natural stones and concrete

Rebecca asked how long it will take to create one step. We calculated 8 hours of working (moving material, mounting, the finish, mosaic on top). So we are in front of 8.000 hours ahead…

Rebecca Metcalf – photo shooting in Cervera del Maestre

Rebeccas photo shooting in Chert

The austrailian photographer and video artist Rebecca Metcalf visited FamilaFeliz in Cervera del Maestre. She did some shootings in the color garden, the CASAdelDRAGON and abroad in some ruins in the mountains near Chert.

Metcalf is on the way to figure out a large documentation about living communities worldwide and she founded FamiliaFeliz on IC.ORG and decides to join us for a short time.

In the last years she was visiting living communities in the U.S., now in Europe and later she will make research in Oceania, Neusealand and her home country Australia.