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fast compost by kai – druid garden nienburg

Fotos (c) kai Erben – druid garden – fast compost

In my compost i put kitchen waste (if possible only vegetables and fruit to attract no rats, or raccoons). Coffee set and dried banana skins i used in a different way.

The layers are approximately 5 to 15 cm thick. The layers consist alternately of herbs and fern cut, earth, chopped or cut greenery, foliage.

At the end, I take care of enough huminity. This is good to speed up rotting. To conclude, I add a yeast sugar mixture which acts like a turbo. The yeast bacteria culture increased the heat.

Herbal layer made of firewood and fern.
Herbal layer: e.g. Nettle, legwell, marigold, dandelion
Nettle contains like Beinwell much sticks… and vitamin C.

They are considered not only as good rotten accelerators and improve the composition by their minerals.


For the fast compost starter i am using a yeast sugar solution. For one cubic meter of freshly placed compost i use one pack baker’s yeast (no dry yeast) and 1kg of sugar in a 10 litre watering can with warm rainwater. First the yeast is crumbled and with about 2 tablespoons of sugar. When the mass has become liquid, it can be put into the watering can with the dissolved residual sugar.

Intermediate from 1 year old compost
Intermediate: with soil, or already well verotted material about 5 cm strong.
I make the layers alternately not more than about 15cm.

Sturgeonriede: Material of life trees, sham cypresses and wormwood i use not with my compost. this material contains substances which delay the process or they are by their poison in the concentration also disadvantageous.

From wormwood, however, you can make a good jache to fight against pests.
Girsch and Quecke very heavy respectively, drift out again.
Dry potato dishes in the sun.

No fresh wood, wood shavings, bark chunks, needles as they hinder the tanning agents and resins, the growth of young plants.

Good one year intercompost.

As a final layer you can give foliage, which keeps the moisture and heat supply.

As far as the compost is concerned, there are different opinions, my experience is 2 to 3 times a year as a mean value.