Cervera del Maestre, capital del Arte, capital del futuro

Exoit - when healing begins - Expo 2022 - CASAdelDRAGON
Exoit – when healing begins – Expo 2022 – CASAdelDRAGON

Every state intervention in the organically grown reality of life in rural areas has consequences, some of these consequences are considered, some are not, some are desired, some are not. Anyone who feels responsible and wants to give rural areas an advantage is well advised to involve the population and keep an eye on their basic needs.
For a long time, villages have been competing for the people and no longer the people for the villages. Anyone who attracts investors drives away social coexistence. Optimizing the economy and social interaction leads to a conflict of interests. The neo-liberal school of thought opts for economics and claims that social interaction is a side effect. It is not so.

Exoit - when healing begins - Sculpture by Sonia Eva Domenech - Expo 2022 - CASAdelDRAGON
Exoit – when healing begins – Sculpture by Sonia Eva Domenech – Expo 2022 – CASAdelDRAGON

Integration and participation lead to generalization, to the socialization of added value. This is contrary to the desire to accumulate profits in the hands of the few.
Many rural villages have opted for industrial settlement or mass tourism. Both put a strain on natural resources and, due to their structure, cannot be sustainable. The sustainable added value for the local population is low.
Instead of attracting capital, it is subjectively attracting more successful people. Subjective, because fewer and fewer people are available. Regarding refugee policy as a human resource to fill in gaps leads to outrageous collateral damage when the act of helping goes beyond the unorganized initiative of individuals.
There are hard factors in a person’s choice of residence: food, security, work, space, mobility and their infrastructure. There are also soft factors: quality of life, culture, health, potential.
Contemporary art is a companion to contemporary culture. Contemporary art shouldn’t claim to know the right answers either, but contemporary social art can make a contribution, and this is aimed directly at the local people.

Exoit - when healing begins - new generation in town - Expo 2022 - CASAdelDRAGON
Exoit – when healing begins – new generation in town – Expo 2022 – CASAdelDRAGON

Rural areas as a natural resource form the basis of every society. The idea of concentrating people in megacities, producing food artificially and reserving rural areas for the elite of a society does not seem sustainable.
In a more and more online-based world, the permanent influx of young families with high cultural and economic potential will depend on soft factors. Anyone who invests in the satisfaction of their roommates today will automatically find new roommates. Nothing gets around faster than well-being. And word of that gets around, especially among those who make a difference in society.

Exoit - when healing begins - music performance - VERSONAUTAS - Expo 2022 - CASAdelDRAGON
Exoit – when healing begins – music performance – VERSONAUTAS – Expo 2022 – CASAdelDRAGON

The love of music and dance anchored in tradition, the rich culture and open commitment to this culture are a key to integration, but also to a necessary diversification.
Just as in education, it is important in local politics to do little to damage people’s own intrinsic powers and to promote them wherever possible.
This is exactly where contemporary art can make a contribution. She has long since emancipated herself from the elite and their desire for luxury. It strives for the creation of social space across the board, which is populated for the benefit of this very population.
What can contemporary art do in a village like Cervera del Maestre… it can create social spaces for togetherness. It can stimulate in the areas of education, architecture and health.

Social art imparts knowledge in the areas of health, nutrition, medicinal herbs and alternative agriculture. But social art also creates barrier-free access and handling.
Social art brings people of different nationalities together in groups. It provides this group with an identity-forming shared experience.
Social art questions values, views and dogmas, reduces fear, creates serenity in dealing with the stranger.
Social art optimizes social interaction. The prize arises from participation, it remains with the participant himself.

CASAdelDRAGON – nutrition workshop with a guest from Bahrain – Cervera del Maestre 2018

CASA del DRAGON regularly opens its doors to the public space. It invites the local population and it attracts people interested in culture from afar.
Nationalities meet in the workshops and seminars. Some of the visitors return later, some of them forever.
The Garden of Colors is the campus of the free university for informal education and a place for dance, theatre, music and culinary delights. He is connected to the cooperative, the school, the people of the village. But he is also connected to his visitors in recent years, and thus connected to all continents of the world.
Social art transports a message internally and externally, the experience of individual happiness as part of a community.

This is our offer to the village of CERVERA del MAESTRE as well as for other villages with interest in the benefit of social contemporary art (PDF, 22KB).