cohabitation in the colorgarden

Many people come to our color garden to study plants, especially thoose to get natural pigments.

It was a great success that a friend came along woth a camera trap to discover more about our fauna. He mounted the camera in the lower silent part of the garden in early summer 2018.

The european rabbit was one of the know cphabitors of our plot.

Another known friend – never seen but listen – is the common nightingale. A lot of times we enjoyed already their songs in late evenings and nights.

The columba – part of the large family of doves – is another guest we already watched time by time.

We never saw a common genet on the plot. It was a surprise that this african migrant is living on our land.

Another guest is the red fox. We saw him once crossing a street to Cervera del Maestre in the night, never on our land.

Amazing to see the fauna enjoying the wilder parts of our land we want to say thank you to Christoph for this wonderful discovery.