Familiafeliz – a contemporary living community

FamiliaFeliz is a contemporary living community. It was founded in 2012 by Antje Schultz, Corinna Klein, Sonia Eva Domenech and Juan Petry.

FamiliaFeliz is designed as a soft community with strong members. We have only a few rules. We respect each other. We donate between each other. We believe in the power of love.

I do professional research about community buildung. I never got in touch with a similar concept. The current state of research says clear, it is impossible to form a group without strong leadership and strong borders. But you are alive, therefor i have to make research about that! (professor of sociology  and guest in one information day)

We explore alternative ways of social interaction. We are embedded in european culture and we develop a social space for individual happiness.

FamiliaFeliz is organized in independent groups.

The group of the founders is so strong. I imagine, it will be easier for new members, if they join FamiliaFeliz in groups (like a couple, a family, a little living community). (Gottfried, guest, friend)

In january 2017 we published the final draft and later the charter of the FamiliaFeliz group EL-DRAC.