ARTSURPRISE – European Art Project – Social Sculpture

Extraschicht 2014 - Zeche Zollverein Essen - front of the design museum
Extraschicht 2014 – Zeche Zollverein Essen – front of the design museum

ARTSURPRISE is originally a social sculpture from Juan Petry (Spanish-German conceptual artist). The target of the project is to open new spaces of communication and distribution for contemporary art. In 2014 ARTSURPRISE was invited to participate in one of the biggest art events in Europe (EXTRASCHICHT, more than 150.000 visitors in one night full of activities and shows).

Artsurprise use refurbished vending machines and black carton boxes in size of tabacco boxes. Petry mounts the machines in art museums, galleries and exhibition spaces throughout Europe.

The foto above shows a catalan ARTSURPRISE machine in front of the design museum at the location Zeche Zollverein. After the EXTRASCHICHT this machine was mounted in CACiS, a contemporary art center near Manresa/Tarragona.

The world of ARTSURPRISE in numbers after 3 years (2011-2014): 66 machines in 3 countries, 180 artists from 28 nations participating, more than 20.000 boxes distributed or sold.

After 3 years the project is growing and growing, nearly 100% per year in all numbers. Some members of familiafeliz and some international art friends are supporting that fascinating high-speed growth with their power and help.

It’s a long term social project. It shoud create a sustainable network of points of sale for the artists and a smart efficient channel of distribution for new contemporary art ideas.

The next ambicious milestone Petry seeks to realize is 120 machines in 6 countries by the end of 2017.

The project ARTSURPRISE is also linked to the dye garden project in Spain. In 2014 the unit started a cooperation between and CASA del DRAGON with the objective to develop sustainable art, made by natural pigments out of these gardens.