Organic vegetable garden

familiafeliz unit bio garden germany - photo a.schultz
unit organic vegetable garden- photo A.Schultz


The unit  is a good example for the diversity and  the general strategy of familiafeliz. The garden was prepared and is now managed by Karen and Jens Hansen, a family associated with familiafeliz. The community gave the land for free to the family and they do the farming. Whenever there is time, some members of familiafeliz help a little in the garden.

One of the targets of this unit is to use resources like land, water and trees in a sustainable way. Another target is to develop health and a good social enviroment for the members of familiafeliz. It is most welcome that people – inside and outside  of familiafeliz – equally and successfully work together in a project or unit.


Unit bio garden germany - photo a.schultz
Unit Bio Garden Germany – photo A.Schultz

The community familiafeliz is defined by process-oriented cooperation and
not by exclusion.