compost space after 8 month

David working with Katrin’s quality compost

In early spring 2016 Katrin from Halle donated some work to the bio garden unit. She offered to realize a compost area, figured out by paletts and some used panels of wood. The compost space was ready in March 2016 and filled with all organic trash from the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON.

Katrin’s wish was, that this compost would be guarded in the right way and re-moved time by time. The target was, to explore, if it is possible to generate organic material under the sunny and dry conditions in spain. The space was named “Katrin’s quality compost”.

In summer David from Brighton moved a lot of bio garden material to the compost and collected also the rotten material from two other spaces in the garden area.

In early October 2016 David returned to the location and started to move the material another time. The result looks really fine, dark soil, little insects and right humidity.

Thanks to Katrin and David for that.