cradle to cradle – compost – terra preta

cradle to cradle – compost – terra preta – news from the color garden

In 2014/15 we started the color garden as a new working unit. Part of the project was, to explore, develop and use sustainable lifetime cycles of organic material. Terra Preta is one important part of recycling. We use – and therefor limit – organic waste from the garden and from the kitchen as well.

In the garden we harvest fruits and vegetables and salad for the kitchen, wild herbs and organic rest we store this “brown waste” in box 1 of the compost area.

We collect all organic material (fruits, vegetables and salads) from the kitchen. We store this material in layers of 3-5 cm in box 2. Between these layers we use 3-5 cm of brown waste. This support aire and lightfull material, good for the process.

Later we store this mix ready to use in box 3.

In the kitchen we prepare the food. Everybody use dry toilettes in the garden area. We mix this material with soil, allread prepared terra preta and charcoal. We guard the mix more than 6 month in a dark place in closed barrils (fermentation). We get terra preta.

On the way back to the garden we use the compost of box 3 for fruit bushes, salads and vegetables, a mix of the compost and terra preta for trees and ornamental plants.

Thanks to Katrin for starting the project. Thanks to David for developing and supporting.