El huerto de peces – aquaponics in castellon

The aquaponics area – called “huerto de peces” – is located in the color garden of the CASAdelDRAGON in Cervera del Maestre. In the first step of the project we created 24 wood boxes based on pallet stacks in early 2018.

Two (red) are used as working spaces and to guard tools. Six IBC tanks (blue) are used to store water (or later fishes).

The infrastructure is setup between some fruit trees (round brown).

sixteen boxes (green) are used as raised beds, little green houses or later aquaponics flow tanks.

two boxes support a large aquarium (blue with “f”) with 460 l water capacity.

The idea behind is, to create a realistic setup for aquaponic validation in the color garden. According to the local conditions (clima, temperature, sun shine) and the “human factor” (people available for maintaining, knowledge) and economical implications (budgets, investments, ROI) we want to know if “fish in the garden” makes sense for us.

The multifunctional usability of the setup will offer us to compare classical maintanance in gardening with aquaponics.

Step 2 will be to add technical and electronical components like solar panel, sun heating for water and air, pumps, and devices (adruino based) to monitor the system components.