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    juan petry


    In the first weeks there was no other option. We activated the old peugeot. Two barrels (each 120 l) and 30 big bottles of water (5-8 liter) we carried every second day from the fountain nearby. We used 100 – 200 liter per day to casting the plants and new trees.



    Two ibcs we placed in an upper level between garden and little street. Now we can store 2000 liter. The cotton from a military tend is protecting the water from too much sun.



    With a gift from a friend of Emilio and some new tubes from a factory in La Señia we created the first 100 m of water lines in the garden. Each bed has his own stopcock. Also we brought the water to our open kitchen and to a central place in the garden.

    We kept the water tubes under the ground (the water is not so hot and it is less sun (UV) on the surface of the plastic tubes. “Cañas” are used as a construction material to support the entrances of each bed.

    To support the whole garden area we will need much more tubes and fittings. But the main step is, to use the little car only between fountain and ibc (little street). We do not need to go down inside the land and cross all wild areas. Less stress for the car, and the driver 🙂



    More comfort… now we have an open kitchen in the garden, and if youu meet on the left side down a black tube with a red button, its the water line 🙂

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