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    hello all,
    another time we are talking about aquaponics and i will post some news in the blog later. from my perspective its a question if “inside” the community are people with interest in joining this project or having ideas to add.
    what we did in the last weeks is setting up a “alternative” system under similar conitions (location, size, plants). this will allow to measure and veriffy the amount of support and investments to evaluate the real aquaponics installation.
    still open are a lot of questions we have for the MLU halle (university) like:
    – who is taking care of the running system?
    – what will be done with the fish and vegetables?
    – how many students are coming over the year and what is the impact for the community?

    cu juan


    luke austerlitz

    juan, you keep asking the same old questions. Nothing has changed.

    Without water, nothing can grow.

    No water = no life.

    Ask the good people of Cervera. They have known these questions and their answers for 500 years!

    Don’t worry about “alternative” systems and measurements and theories:

    build a working aquaponics system and get it running with plants and fish.

    What will be done about the “fish and vegetables”???

    EAT THEM!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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