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    david L Allen

    Hi! familiafeliz members – I´m David from Brighton, UK (and Cervera more and more). I´m sixty-years young and father to a wonderful daughter in her mid-twenties ..

    I met Juan and the other lovely people involved in Cervera project in March, although I have been living in and around Cervera for the last year-and-a-half. I had originally ´discovered´ this lovely region two years ago as I explored the Mediterranean looking for somewhere to start an eco-community with friends.

    Juan explained familiafeliz to me and showed me the land and it was a great joy to find a community so matching my ideas and wishes already living so healthily and creatively in the area.

    My background in UK has been English teacher, Media Production lecturer/tutor (following a career as independent video/tv producer), Adult Education coordinator, and for five-years up to 2011, Community Development Worker.

    I am an environmental activist and group member, have helped run a community-garden project, and just this weekend completed an Introduction to Permaculture course 🙂

    Juan invited me to explain some of my ideas and dreams for the future and I told him about my ambition to create a zero-carbon (or ´Green´) media-production centre (GMC). My idea is that GMC would host (for modest fees) film/tv/documentary/musical production artists making authentic texts and messages for the environment/politics/alternative news/community etc all within the context of renewable-energy facilities. The facility would also enable familiafeliz to produce its desired educational/free-university programmes.

    I am already working with others (a ´very technical´ electronics & sound engineer, and a leading London-based musician) to design a first-phase ´recording-studio´ for musicians, bands, audio/radio producers etc.

    Well, this is some of my story and reason for saying hello to all – I hope to communicate more about myself and GMC-project as the summer passes .. 🙂



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