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    Hello everybody,
    my English is not perfect, but I’ll do my best…
    My boy-friend Kai and me, we visited Familia Feliz in April 2016 for a few days, because we wanted to get to know living communities in Spain.
    My actual intention in my life is being common with people who create something “good” in the world. I don’t want to be in a special religious community because I live a free spirituality. And I don’t want to act not only in Germany. I feel an attraction to Spain. Further I like living without concrete dogmas.
    All these things we found in Familia Feliz, when we were in Spain, and in the communications with Juan and Corinna and Antje. So I’m looking very forward to everything we still will experience with Familia Feliz!
    In Germany I work in health care: I teach Qi Gong, I give massages (Shiatsu u.a.), I work -together with my boy-friend- in food supplements, in combination with herbs. I offer coachings, especially for people in situations of change and for couples. So I do everything to support the physical and mental health.
    I’m 50 years old, my youngest son is 18 years old now, so I can start a new part in my life.
    That’s all for a first impression of myself.
    I hope we’ll meet each other one day…
    Saludos from Iris

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