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    My name is Karen Hansen. I am 45 years old, am married and I have a female child of 11 years. Also a female dog and a female horse. I live with my family since Nov.2013 in Gerressen/Windeck. So I am a neighboor of familia feliz. We found this great place to live by accident and until now I like it a lot. I find the idea of familia feliz very interesting and challenging so I want to find out more about it and also would like to try it out in practice. I am a gardener for organic vegetables and a therapist. Right now I grow vegetables in the garden here in Gerressen. I love singing and acting. Right now I am into an education for a sing-leader and in the soon future I ‘d like to try my talent in clowning…There would be a lot more to tell…
    cheers! karen

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