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    my name is Mariella Köhler, I am almost 27 years on this beautiful planet ;), and in october ´13, a little baby-boy joined.
    For now we live in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, but we plan to join the unit(´s) in cevera in august, for a test period with familia feliz.

    Why I wanna do that?
    I think the concept of familia feliz is one of the only ones makeing sense, for living in the future.
    And of corse I wanna be feliz, too ;). Feeling free to realize my dreams and ideas as well as learning from others and helping them with theirs.
    Living with beatiful people in a beautiful environment!

    For now, besides being a mother, I am working as a sportstherapist, and since I like doing that, I plan to do some in cevera to, hopefully in that great garden, there. Also I like gardening and cooking and a lot of other stuff, too.
    But with these three things I wanna start my life in cevera. Planning to do a bio plant based catering, with cooking, (bread) baking, doing poducts and snacks…. doing fitnessclasses, massages,… and join or maybe even organize the garden unit (we´ll see) and last but not least learning a lot not only in other projects but also about my son and me!

    So far, so good! I hope to see you soon :)!

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