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    Hi together 🙂

    As Juan wished i will post a small introduction of myself.

    First some basics:
    43 year old male, working background is handcrafter, after healed sickness in pension.
    Interested generally in too many things to know something special.
    First contact with Familia Feliz February 2015 at Infoday in Windeck, germany.

    I am searching for an open minded community to live together.
    (“living” means to me eating together mostly for instance.
    It can mean “work together” but it dont has to.)
    I think the basic concept of Familia Feliz is really interesting (for sure – otherwise i would not write this introduction ;))

    Ok – as a young pensioner i have a lot of time, small but secure income and no fun to do nothing.
    I have not any special interest yet what to do – but renovating’s of the house and farm are interesting projects to me.
    Also to be involved in any art-projects and to develop my own art are things i can imagine.

    I hope that is enough for now – if you have questions feel free to ask 🙂


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