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    luke austerlitz


    I just don’t understand why there is constructing so many toilets and showers and sinks?

    Is there going to be enough water for all this? Water is a precious resource and should be used for the plants and garden, not to waste washing the human body and its excrement.

    It seems such a waste of time and resources. Can you imagine how much water is used and how much water needs to be transported?

    What is wrong with just using buckets to shit in? One can wash using just a bucket and sponge. And sinks and mirrors with pipes and taps?? It is all a little ridiculous if you ask me.

    At the end of the day, one can go and wash in Casa el Drac and use the toilets in the house or public bath.

    One only needs to wash the human body once or twice a week: not every day.

    Anyway, to have a shower, one needs only to hang a camping shower bag from a tree in a secluded place covered with branches. Much cheaper and easier to make. No need for concrete, pipes, taps, mirrors, etc.

    Is Nature converting us, or are we trying to convert Nature??

    luke austerlitz

    The humble plastic bucket which only costs 3 euros!

    One can do one’s business in a plastic bucket and then take it to anywhere in the garden or take back to Casa El Drac.

    juan petry

    hello luke,
    some information behind the scene. all wood and other used materials for the installation accept nails and screws ar refurbished waste material.
    for sure you are right that water is a very very important thing in our project. for this all water from shower and sink is reused as water for lower trees. also the pee is used for that and as you know poo is used in terra preta for ornamental plants.
    in general you have two ways to measure our “biological” footprint. you could start from the minimal theoretical or from the “actuall of every guest here.
    we think it make sense to reduce waste and re-use ressources in that way, enable people with much larger footprints to join our project for some time. and this even makes them feeling comfortable to decide to come.

    you measure the distance between theoretical optimum and our reality, we measure the distence between our reality and the daily reality of our guests.

    btw. we supported 3000 liter for 40 guests for one week. according to 122 liter per person and day in germany these guests are using “at home” 122 x 40 x 6 (days) = 29280 liter in such a period. in our case they used 1000 liter for sink and shower and 1000 l for drinking and 1000 liter for cooking and cleaning.

    i think. its a great result.

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