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    hello to all,

    beside the powerful new topics about arlos art installation and jitkas general “big picture” of this spanish location at all i have to publish a third topic now:

    R.O.L.F. – (r)eally (o)ld (l)ovely (f)reak

    i get a strong message from the real rolf and also we experienced the visit of ken in the brainstorming weekend (12.-14.01.2018). in fact i will answer personal things in a personal way but my idea is, to split this into a public part and a private part. the private i will deliver by personal mail but the public part i want to share with you and all others and i think we need to get some consensus about this topic in the near future.

    from time to time we get requests from “older” people, lets say 65+ …
    this people are looking for something like a final destination for their life, even after getting retired they are looking for new challenges and a general change. often single or independent they are willing to move – long distance for example to spain.
    most of them have some money for their own daily life, sometimes they are “rich” and offer money for investments.
    in some cases it looks like a trial of a “buy-in” and they are highly interested in getting involved in community life.
    in case of ken we get a very powerful lession of a 92 (!!) years old guy from utah – landscape architect – and what he told us about his own
    experience in life was amazing n magic.

    when i see all this “r.o.l.f.”s passing the house of the dragon i surely would like to welcome them. but i dont feel the power and ressources to do this. it is not the question of “now” – the moment when they asked. it is the idea of what will be realistic in 10 or 20 years when this guys need a lot of physical and mental and medicinal help.

    the spanish healthcare system is not so effective – also not so un-human – as others in europe. nevertheless the main source of support for old people is the “family” here in spain, and surely in the future at all. if these r.o.l.f.s are comming from outside they are only related to members of the community and … just now… there is nobody young enough and willing to take care of them.

    so my general questions are:

    – what is your idea about welcoming r.o.l.f.s?
    – what are your conditions we have to establish in relation to these requests?
    – what could be a solution fo them AND for familiafeliz?
    – who is interested to work deeper in this theme / topic ?

    in general. i do not see r.o.l.f.s as a “problem”, i see a big advantage in having more than 2 or 4 generations embedded in the community life. it is very healthy for all to have these “freeks” around! especially for young kids its an amazing experience.

    so the question is not “how to reject” – the question is more – “how to prepare the location to be able to welcome R.O.L.F.s …

    having something like a “r.o.l.f. – hostel” or daily meeting point wher k.i.d.s. and r.o.l.f.s are interacting…
    … was one idea of a modell which even could involve people from the village…

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