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    david L Allen

    Hello Familia Feliz (FF).
    I have read the new charter.
    a) I think it (the structure of FF) as presented/described is difficult to understand. The English is not great in places but, beyond that, explanation of what a ´working unit´ is, who exactly constitutes a plenum, what is a ´living community group´ etc etc are all a bit dry/obscure to me (and I think even more dry/obscure to those who have not experienced FF closely).
    I believe it is very important to include specific examples for the range of ´terms´ to aid understanding. And to create a pictorial representation of the ´structure/interdependency/hierarchy´ of FF as a ´live snapshot/picture´ of the day-to-day organisation.
    b) The Charter gives, to me at least, a very neagtive initial impression because
    i) There is a concentration on terms/situations, in quick succession, such as:
    ´non-negotiable preamble´
    ´exclusion of members´
    ´dissolution or division of the living community group´
    ´Possible exclusion of members´
    ´group division or separation´
    ´The 12-month-test period can be terminated by either side at any time´
    ´the candidate becomes a member if no other member uses his veto right´
    ´A member loses his right to vote in the…plenum if another member applies for his/her exclusion. Each member can apply for exclusion of one member per year´
    ´A member is excluded if another member applies for his/her exclusion in the yearly…plenum and the group plenum decides to dismiss him/her. If a…member is not member of any working unit anymore, he/she is also automatically excluded from the community group´
    ´Triple unexcused absence from the yearly group plenum leads to immediate exclusion of the member´
    ´Each member remains personally responsible for his/her withdrawal´
    etc etc

    I understand many, if not all, of these conditions/situations are importantbut, if the charter is to act (which it does) as a ´gateway´ to the community then, as a result of all theses examples and highlights from the text, the impression given is, to me, a very negative one – not welcoming/positive.

    The emphasis in/language of the charter should, I think, focus on the positive aspects of joining FF. Examples of units/structure, as mentioned above, would help in this but more focus/language should describe in more detail/colour the positive aims/objectives/advantages of becoming a member: the social aspect, the environmental aspect, the freedom of no ´isms in the community, the hoped for range of ages and nationalities of members, the range of skills, the emphasis on a creative/active/artistic efforts, self-sustainability of income from produce and projects and services, the welcome of diverse initiatives and learning etc etc

    I hope this is useful feedback!

    Best wishes,

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    david L Allen

    Ok so I want to upload photos but I can´t see where to :((

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