From Chaos to Cosmos


Information day – Familiafeliz | 2024-09-21 | 12578 Cervera del Maestre | Castellon | Spain

Obviously this greek mythology based title might irritate some guests of our upcoming information day but by looking closer to the ancient creation myths we find evidence for a neverending challenge of human mankind to substitute chaos and darkness with cosmos and light. Familiafeliz explore and develop a social space for personal happiness.

You should know in which type of game you are in – we are part of an infinite game.

Juan Petry

If you are interested in exploring an alternative way of living together in peace and harmony, embedded in social activities and a healthy environment and in friendly neighbourhood to classical societies, you are welcome.

We don’t share, we donate – and it’s important to understand the difference.

In most of the given economical systems you find always these clever people accumulating most of the ressources after a short time of grows and stability. If you organise people based on deals there are always some of them, being able to make the better deals. In Darwins competition modell this was an advantage in a growing market economy (last 5000 years) and it leads to an agony in competive market economies (next 5000 years).

If you sell and buy you organise your life in a classical economy. You divide societies in winner and looser. If you share you are focused more on social points than on money. Nevertheless you want to deal with your altruistic habit.. And a lot of times these commmunity designs leads to political, religious or environmental activism (and dogmatism).

We do not want to guide you in organising your daily life, we do not define what you should eat, should vote for or should believe, nor where you should want to live on this planet.

We host between 50 and 100 guests per year and a lot of times the visitors are wondering where this community showes up, and what are the binding features and advantages of being member of such an open minded weak community.

Redesign your idea of community! – Communities are created sometimes by locations (farmhouse), by terretories (country) or by skills (language), other are created by actions (platoon) or by believes (religion).

Familiafeliz is a communitiy based on a simple idea: well-beeing by donation without expectation.

Most societies are guiding their members by fear. Some of these members get tired and they like to leave these places of indoctrination. We might attract some of them but we are not a safe harbour being able to protect them from their fear: not, because we don’t want, because we can’t.

Leaving your comfort zone is a very personal journey and Familiafeliz try to establish a possible destination for those, who are looking for an alternative way of being by recommending their own responsability for their actions.

A lot of single mothers are asking us: how many kids are in place? A lot of environmental activists are asking us: do you reject to take airplanes and do you work on permaculture? A lot of spiritual people are asking us about gathering, ceremonies and meditation practice on a daily basis.

We try to be honest at all time and we give our answers based on the actual situation. But the real answer behind all this is: all this is up to you! Familiafeliz is not a ruleset and a new member has to fit in, it is a stage for personel development embedded in a trib of people gathered by the idea of respect and attention for the other and her / his well-being.

If you are curious to explore an alternative way of living for yourself, if you have time and ressources to meet us, we are happy to welcome you and to enjoy our information day with you. We can learn from you.

Check in here and announce your visit.