Good neighbor and bad neighbor

good neighbor – bad neighbor – here we tried salad and potato
2016-10-19 – salad is comming up in late october (!) – what a rich place is spain!!
Plant good neighbor bad neighbor
bush beans Beetroot, strawberries, cucumbers, celery, beetroot, cabbages, lettuce, pickle salad, tomatoes Peas, fennel, garlic, onions
peas Dill, fennel, cucumbers, cabbages, corn, carrots, kohlrabi, lettuce, radishes, courgettes Beans, potatoes, garlic, leeks, tomatoes, onions
cucumbers Beans, dill, peas, fennel, cabbage, lettuce, caraway, leeks, corn, beetroots, celery, onions Tomatoes, radishes
cabbages Beans, dill, endives, peas, potatoes, lettuce, leeks, celery, spinach, tomatoes Strawberries, garlic, mustard, onions
Lettuce Lettuce, beans, dill, peas, strawberries, cucumbers, cheese, leeks, carrots, tomatoes, onions Parsley, celery
leek Strawberries, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, celery, tomatoes Beans, peas, beetroots
carrots Dill, peas, garlic, leeks, radishes, radish, tomatoes, onions, chives
Radish / radish Beans, peas, cabbage, lettuce, carrots cucumbers
tomatoes Beetroot, garlic, cabbage, kohlrabi Peas, fennel, potatoes, cucumbers
Zucchini Lettuce, leeks, carrots, parsley, radish, radishes, beetroot, celery, spinach, onions, onions
Onions Beans, strawberries, dill, lettuce, carrots, beetroot Beans, peas, cabbage

As you see our combination is not in the list, anyway we tried because both potatos and salads where donations and this bed was just ready for new plants. We will keep you here informed about the results.

The main motive for the potatoes was the soil improvement. We will see how both plants can tolerate each other.