Grass cutting and sun protection

harvesting grass for sun protection – the recycled lawn mower

The lwan mower is used to cut and harvest the grass of all little ways between the beds. We use this local gift as a sun protection on top of the soil of the beds.

sun protection and harvesting water in the morning (dew)

As a sample of our research and investigation we will dicover the relation between grass and bed area.

relation between beds and ways between them – 50 / 50

In the first weeks of 2017 we cutted the grass every 3-4 weeks, and we used nearly the same surface for harvesting grass and the surface of beds we protected.

We assume that the wild plants growing in the grass are better able to isolate the nutrients of the soil, and that by returning these parts into the bed – as a sun protection – and later compost – we can also provide some of these nutrients to our crops.

Thanks to thinkfirst for the donation of the second hand lawn mower!