growing infrastructures

rebuilding stone walls in 2017

We continued the work in developing the infrastructure in the color garden in early spring 2017. One of the tasks was to rebuild broken stone walls of the beds and add some watering tubes.


beds in the right part of the leaf (behind) and the empty space in front

As part of the desgin we started with creating beds on the left side of the “leaf” (here in front).


new beds on the left part of the garden leaf

We used soil from the irrigation ditch (span. acequia). And we used local cane (span. caña) to support beans and tomatoes.


using carbon, no digging needed

Using carton to hold down wild plants. We can start the beds without the digging of the earth before.


actual situation in the bio garden (as part of the color garden)

The left part of the leaf is nearly complete (3rd year of working in the garden area).