Happy new year in spain 2017

beds in winter 2016/17 – morning view in the garden

After new year we started again in the color garden of the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON. A first close look gave us an overview on tasks for the next weeks.

cane construction broken – well protected col bed

The cane construction – left foto – was damaged by wind and rain in the winter. The relation between expense and ROI (return of investment) was not so good. We unmounted the construction of cañas and repaired the bed.

Some col we found in very good condition. The cover with straw worked very well.


winter salat and col planted in november 2016

Also winter salat, planted in november 2016 (!) was growing strong and good. The little stone walls kept the soil in a good way and protected the plants.


a lot of salat – rucola – as a donation from the nature

The nature donated us for over 3 month (!) eruca satvia growing between the olive and almond trees.