Harvesting in the south

harvesting almonds in the color garden
harvesting almonds in the south

In the color garden of the home unit in spain there are  some old almond trees. Now its time to harvest. We let them grow as they are, only some dead wood is cut over the year. Especially old variations of these trees survive without extra water and – important – without any toxic intervention.

Maybe the quantity is less big than in case of intensive agro-industry. But the benefit is similar and the quality of the almonds is super bueno …


cleaning the beds, guarding and guiding, daily jobs in the garden

Also daily work is done, guiding, guarding, cleaning… day by day. On the left side a corner of one bed full of spearmint, or spear mint (Mentha spicata). Now it was time to cut old sticks and I used them right beside to cover the soil near a wild olive tree.