Mosaic workshop with youth in Romania

As part of the APEAL summer school in 2018 the artist Juan Petry invited youth from local villages around bucharest to join a mosaic workshop.

The aim was to design and realise a mosaic on a wall near the entrance of the local libary and cultural center of Ciocanesti (a village 31 km from Bucharest City).

Starting with eight youth everybodys body shape was drawed at the wall.

In two rainiy days before the kids learned strategies to find the right piece, to clue the pieces in a right way and to get a feeling of dimensions and relations between sizes of shapes and ceramic pieces.

After one morning working ant the wall we saw first parts of colorful bodys.

In fact we where limited in colors but we tried to mix awailable colors in different ways. Each kid was choosing his favorite colors.

One main aspect of the summer school is to show the advantage of cooperate working. Without talking about this fact the kids discovered again this advantage and started to help each other.

Some where fast, other more sticking on details and slower. The faster once started to help the others.

More and more kids came around to join the project and most asked question was: “can i help somebody?” For sure the main intention was being part of this art work in public.

In only 9 hours between 9 and 15 kids created this common art piece.

Its unique, special and a kind of message for the people of the village.

The culture of Romania is till now not driven by private engagement to add values to public spaces. This art work in public will mark an important point in developing the summer school of Serban Moldoveanu. With this project the results of this 7 year engagement became public and sustainable.

The dream of Serban is, to expand this project and add in the future more and more mosaic art works in public spaces in Ciocanesti and the region.