mounting the signpost – part 1

the wwoofer philemon in action

In october 2016 we started a new social sculpture, called “signpost“. The target is, to mount signposts at places of social sculptures. The arrows will show direction and distance to other social sculptures. We want to make this contemporary movement visible. We connect the locations in a physical way.

the tire gave gave the form, the wood inside supported some stones for a moment

Philemon started some days ago digging a hole in the ground. Then we constructed a cladding by using an old tire.

a ring of natural stones as the basement filled with concret

We used the cladding to mount outside some natural stones with concret.

protected trunk inside the concret and in balance

We mounted an old tree trunk and protected the basement (inside the concret).

signpost mounted waiting for te next task

We filled the rest of the ring with more concret and brought the trunk into balance.

Last task – first day

Finally we unmounted the cladding and cleaned the natural stones.

Update: You can use our free calculator to add arrows to CASAdelDRAGON or our ART CAMP on your own sign post.