New waterline and 50 salads and cabbages

watering systems and tube bridges between the beds

Another time we added some channels to the watering system in the garden. Especially for the new refurbished beds we have arranged the tubes.


design of the connection of a bed

Most of the lines where prefabricated with a controlled exit – 1 drop per second – in spain called “gota-gota”. Each bed has a controlled exit and a switch to seperate the watering line infrastructure in different sections.


planting salad and cabbage

The bed in front – left image – is connected to the watering system now. We have to clean it before we will use it later. We planted 50 salads and cabbages in a mix on both long beds.


three types of salad get water

We tested the watering system and started with 30 min intensive watering. Another time Mariellas dream became truth.